Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008 & Hello 2009

Hi guys,

This would be last post for the year 2008. The year 2008 has been quite a wonderful year for me and hope it is for you too. Remember the happy times and forget about the bad ones. I would like to wish all of you and your family a wonderful and a healthy year 2009!! See you again next year!!


Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Party - 24th December 2008

Jingle Bells.... Jingle Bells... Ho Ho Ho...Merry Christmas Everyone!

It is festive season, Tracy and I decided to throw in a Christmas BBQ Party for the family and friends. It was actually a last minute decision and we call up everyone to come and they did. So early in the morning, Tracy has to prepare all the foods while I take care of beverages. Then each person is required to purchase a gift not more than RM20 to be exchange during the night. We took the initiative to even decorate the christmas tree and bought some christmas hats too. The night was a wonderful one where we enjoy the food and drank a lot of beers. Everyone seems to be happy espeacially the exchanging gift part. Even my mom join in for the fun. We then unwrap the gift and some of the gift are A Towel, Recyle Bag, Mask, Cookies, Facial Cream, Chinese Hat, Chopsticks, Ashtray, Ang Pau Packets etc etc. I would like the thank all for making the night a memorable night!


Another party coming. It's Oswald's Birthday party!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Vteck & Stella Wedding - 19th to 21st Dec 2008 (J.B.)

We been waiting for this day to come and finally it does. A gang of friends travel to Johore Bahru to celebrate Vteck & Stella wedding. We went a day earlier so that we could enjoy ourselves. Reaches there at 12pm on 19th Dec 2008. Had lunch and the ladies went straight for shopping. We guys then went for snooker. Later in the night, the groom Vteck suggest karaoke and off we go. Since the karaoke package includes a cake, so we decided to celebrate Butt's B'day there too. It wasn't plan in that way as we earlier on plan to do it in Vteck & Stella wedding. Now I bet he'll be surprise tomorrow night.. hee hee

The next day we went over to the grooms house. The groom and bride just looks fantastic! The dinner was great too just that the MC was kinda annoying. After the dinner, we then pushed out another cake which is meant for Butt b'day. He was really shocked as he thought it ended the other night. I think he really shed some tears leh.. hee hee... After that we went for drinking session again but sadly Vteck could not join us!.. Anyway, a great trip, a great wedding with a great friends!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Karaoke !!!

Well.. another outing I had but this time with two of Tracy's secondary friends. The gang are Josh, Butt, Pao, Chery, Alicia, Tracy and myself. We had Japanese food for dinner in Sunway Pyramid and off we went for Karaoke session. We ordered a bottle of Chivas whisky and some beers. After a few drinks, all suddenly turn to be professional singers! Espeacially Cheryl... See pic!... We sang the lungs out of ourselves. Another great night as we party till 3am! Recently too much activities going on... another outing next week in JB! Can't wait!

She can sing! She can dance! She can even drink! Anyone want to sign a contract with her? By the way, she is a mother of 2 kids! ....Unbelievable?..... Believe it.....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A good laugh to brighten up the day

1. Losing all your friends
Gary comes home and finds Tracy with his friend in bed.
He shoots his friend and kills him. Tracy says "If you behave like this, you will lose ALL your friends."

2. Sister wanted
Oscar wrote to Santa Claus,"send me a sister"....
Santa wrote back, "SEND ME YOUR MOTHER"....

3. Meaning of WIFE
Gary asks, "Do you know the meaning of WIFE? It means 'Without Information Fighting Everytime'!"
Tracy replies, "No, it means 'With Idiot For Ever'!!!"

4. Importance of a period
Teacher: "Do you know the importance of a period?"
Oswald: "Yeah, once my sister said she has missed one, my mom fainted, dad got a heart attack & our driver ran away."

5. Confident vs. confidential
Oscar asks his Dad Gary, "What is the difference between confident and confidential?"
Gary says, "You are my son, I'm confident about that. Your friend over there, is also my son, that's confidential! "

6. Anger management?
Gary: "When I get mad at you, you never fight back. How do you control your anger?"
Tracy: "I clean the toilet."
Gary: "How does that help?"
Tracy: "I use your toothbrush ."

Please note that the names above are for laughing matter only. .. Not real! ... hee hee ...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Malacca 6th - 7th Dec 2008

It is the school holidays, so my wife invited her friend to join us for a 2 day 1 night trip to Malacca. It was Oswald 1st trip. The trip was fun although the kids were naughty at all times. The wheather was good and we went to quite a few places such as the Melaka Zoo, Jonker Street, Eye on Malaysia etc etc. Good trip and hope there is more to come.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Surprise but gone bad!

Pang Yew (Ah Pong) birthday is just around the corner, so again we decide to surprise him. Dunno why, maybe it is the "Surprise Season"... hahaha... He is actually busy with work so we had to use an excuse that it was Rachel birthday. I was afraid that he might not turn up so I ask him to buy the cake. We went to Robson Restaurant in Taman Seputeh. It was raining cats and dogs outside. All the time we were congratulating Rachel and wishing her best wishes. We drank a lot of beer and had some great chats. After the dinner, the cake was brought out. It was written "Happy Birthday Rachel". The cake was place in front of Rachel and we sang the birthday song....

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to PANG YEW ! Happy birthday to you!

We push the cake in front of Pang Yew. We remove Rachel name on the cake and replace it with a self print name of him. He was kinda shocked but later on we only realized that he had guess what we're up to and even paid the bill. So in the end, a surprise gone bad and he had bought us dinner and even a cake for himself... hahaha... but still, we had a wonderful night!

Aren't we too old for these stuff? Next will be Bantwan's birthday. The surprise is to not give him a party at all... let us just forget about it... hee hee...

Monday, November 24, 2008

F.F.F. (Football Fans Family)

Last Saturday night, Tracy and I were preparing the kids for a dinner with my in laws. Oscar wore a Manchester United jersey and Oswald wore a Chelsea jersey. I thought to myself it would be great if Tracy and I wear a jersey too. So we did. We both wore England jersey. People were thinking what a F.F.F. (Football Fans Family) we were .... but the matter of fact we are not.... Ha Ha...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bowling & Snooker

It was Friday night and was alone, so call up Butt and Pao and we went for a drink. Later on we went for bowling and snooker in Sunway Pyramid. It was fun as we all had not played the game for quite some time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Muar & Malacca Food

Ok... the next day, we went for lunch with KP and PZ. It was a good lunch espeacially the bitter gourd soup. Sorry, I was busy eating and forget to take some photos... hee hee. We then head to Muar town for its famous Otak Otak. It was indeed good and we even 'ta pao' some back home.

Then we decided to head to Malacca for dinner and the Satay Celup was in our mind. The Satay Celup was not as good as I last use to savour them but still we had a full stomach. A great trip down south for food and beverages.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Surprise Party for KP!

We have plan this trip for quite sometime already. We wanted to give our buddy KP a surprise party at his hometown Johore Bahru. Earlier on had already gang up with KP's girlfriend and off we head down south. I bet KP will never thought of that we all will travel so far just to celebrate his birthday. This trip gave us back our memories of partying together in our college days. What a weekend!

Not going into details as pictures tells a million words. Enjoy!

It was fun and some got drunk. We left at about 3am and went for supper. The next day we went for a food travel. Check out my next post then.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

AirAsia VS MAS

Since a friend of mine kp0046 talks about politics and complain me to post more relevant stuff, I decide to talk about business.

AirAsia Berhad
Low cost carrier AirAsia has abolished the fuel surcharge for all its domestic and international flights, starting Tuesday.Passengers need now only pay fares, airport taxes and administration fees, said group chief executive officer Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes.He also said that the airline would be focusing on aggressive marketing and low fares.Fernandes however said that AirAsia could not guarantee that the surcharge would not be re-imposed if the oil price surged again.The airline under its regional campaign is also giving away 500,000 free seats to all destinations from tomorrow until Nov 16 and for travel between June 22 and Oct 24, 2009.

Malaysian Airlines (MAS)
MAS is looking to reduce its surcharge further to give customers the best value for their money, its senior general manager, sales, Datuk Bernard Francis, said Tuesday.In response to enquiries on the national carrier's fuel surcharge, he said MAS has already reduced it by 50-73 percent for its all-inclusive low fares promotion, covering domestic travel, Asean, Australia and many other countries.Customers loved the cheapest deals in town, and the airline's sales surged 400 percent, he said in a statement here Tuesday."We hear our customers loud and clear, and we are looking at reducing the surcharge further to continue to give customers what they want -- low fares plus five-star products and services, giving customers the best value for their money," he said.

Where are we going to travel after Bali? Hee Hee...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Guangzhou, China 1st-6th Nov 2008

Went to Guangzhou this time to attend the Canton Fair. I was actually quite excited as I have heard so much of the world renowned expo. Arrived at the new Baiyun Airport and I was impressed with its great architectural design. We stayed at a 3 star hotel called New Mainland Hotel and guess how much it costs us. One night stay is RMB900.00, that’s RM450 per night!! It is indeed not worth it but all hotels in the city during this fair will increase at least 3 times the usual price. They are really good in doing the right things in the right time. Anyway, 1st day of arrival we did nothing much as the expo will only begin the next day. We walk around the city, had dinner, a few beers and call it a night. Oh, another thing is Guangzhou is full of haze (air pollution). Not so comfortable while walking around.
The next day went to the fair which is located at the new building at Pazhou. There were a lot of people indeed but not as packed as I was told. Anyway, we did our business and purpose there and off we went to Fangchun. Fangchun is an area where there is at least 5000 shops selling from tea leaves to tea accessories. I was amazed by the size of the place. I wonder how they could survive with so many competitors. We purchased some tea accessories which then took us the whole day. Went back to hotel to bath and suddenly got a call. A friend of mine (Yik Siong) is also there in Guangzhou. So we went for dinner together and later on went to a KTV for some beer. Yes, we did take some GRO’s with cost RMB110 per lady. We sang some songs, played some games and downed our beers. At 1am ++ as the night is still young, my friend ask us to go SPA (a decent one). Haha. Reach there, strip ourselves and dip into the hot pool. It is really a big SPA but lest customers. Maybe it is late already. We then went for some food which is included. Have a 30 minute foot massage and then a 90 minute full body massage. It was really relaxing and I fell asleep a few times. It cost us RMB378 per person. We left the place at 4am++ and slept till 11am the next day.

This business trip, we went from Guangzhou to Wuzhou, Guangxi, and from Wuzhou to Zhaoching, Guangdong to see the tea factory. All these places have serious air pollution! U cannot see more than 100 metres away. During this trip to China, I have tasted scorpion, sand worms, lizards and wine soak with wild bees. Really an eye opener for me. Will bring my wife there next time.

Missing You!

I have been traveling quite often lately and this time I went for a business trip GuangZhou, China for almost a week. This trip really made me missing my family. You see, business trip is mostly only work on the day time and after dinner, the night is quite free. So I started thinking of my family, missing my wife nagging me and also my kids running around and crying all day. Just can’t wait to be home. Once back, both my kids seems to have grown a lot and my wife looks even more gorgeous. Hee hee. Gave them all a big hug.

It is great to be home!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Evon B'day

Another family member birthday. Almost every month also got someone birthday.. hee hee.. This time it was Tracy sister birthday. We went for dinner at a chinese restaurant and the bill came up to RM500++. Don't know who is next???

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bandung, Indonesia

My 1st time to Bandung, Indonesia. This is actually another business trip so not so much on leisure. Anyway, I was there on 19th October till 21st October 2008. We have purchase return AirAsia tickets which cost RM1200 for 2 and with express boarding. I personally think that express boarding is not so worth it but it seems that quite of ppl do purchase them. There were at least 20 ppl with express boarding. As the gates open, they seems to rush to take the 1st row which has more leg space and I was doing the same too which I then feels a bit stupid. Anyway, got myself the 2nd row and off we go on our way to Bandung. The flight takes 2 hours 10 minutes. Time seems to be slow during the journey and I could not sleep. Touch down and it is already 5pm plus local time. We unboard the plane and again, they rush to the immigration. What is the hurry I thought to myself ?? But as I reaches the immigration, I then only realize why. There is only 2 personal handling the counter and there are 160 ++ passengers. Lucky i was in the front row. After clearing the customs, we took a cab to our hotel.

Bandung is actually a highland of itself that's why the weather is cooling. On our way to the hotel, I find the traffic is no diferrence with Jakarta city (full of cars and jams). We stayed at Sheraton Hotel situated on the hill. The hotel is not bad but has not much facilities. The pool was small, there's no pub, no gym. There is just a lobby lounge, a restaurant, a spa and that's basically it. Went for dinner and shopping. Oh.. Bandung is famous for its Factory Outlets. You can find brands such as Versace, Hugo, Polo, Guess, Adidas, Nike, Hermes, Nautica, Zara just name a few and the price is unbelievable. A Nike t-shirt for RM20. A Hugo jeans for RM70. And was told it is original goods but was just made there. So ladies out there, this is a place to go for branded clothings. Anyway, i did not buy anything that night and went back hotel to sleep.

Woke up at 7.30am the next day to prepare myself for breakfast as a supplier will be coming to pick us up at 9am. Breakfast was so so but still a full stomach. Then the rest was business so rather not talk about it. Our supplier took us to their tea estate which is 2 hours drive from Bandung. The sight of the tea garden is a sight to be behold! What a great scenery with tea plant everywhere. If you think Cameron Highland is huge then you have to see this place. The tea estate was so huge that it seems to cover up the whole mountain. Ahhhhh.... Fresh air and green lush... what a place to live. If you want a night view of Bandung city, then you should head to The Valley or The Sierra Cafe located on a hillside. These 2 places has a spectacular view. Night life in Bandung could be a scary one if you are not familliar with. We went to Braga as we heard the area has a lot of pubs. When we reach, the area was dark and quiet. Yes, a few pubs there is and you guess it, with freelancers in it. There is also plenty of karaoke joints too. A plus point for single males to visit it. We were offered a lady for Rupiah 400,000 for a nite. Thats about RM150 but we pass. Hahaha.

On the last day before our flight home, I then only went clothes shopping. I bought a Adidas cap for RM15, Polo shirt RM20 for my kids and a Zara RM24 blouse for my wife. All branded stuff leh. Who say i cannot afford it hahaha.. why go for immitations leh. The best time to go Bandung is on the weekday. Do not go on weekend as ppl from Jakarta will all rush there for the cooling weather and shopping.

So Bandung anyone????

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hi Jareth Yong

Had a dinner session with one of my best secondary school mates. Infact both husband (Yandsen) and wife (Eva) are my schoolmates. We had a wonderful Thai dinner in Great Eastern Mall and had some great chats. They brought along their baby Jareth Yong so I also brought Oscar and Oswald too. Jareth was very cute indeed as he looks like a japanese child not like his father, a big fat dirty slumpy smelly not handsome old man... hahahahaha... joking ya... Anyway, a great family outing talking mostly about babies.

" Oscar, Oswald... this is Jareth.... Jareth, please meet Oscar and Oswald"

Monday, October 13, 2008

Parents Nightmare!

Introducing to you the Fantastic Four!

It is a usual routine for me and my wife to return to the in-laws on every Sunday but today is not an ordinary day. It is a day when the scary Fantastic Four gets together! A day that we parents fears the most! They were fighting, screaming, jumping ... whatever they could do to piss us off!

After the finishing the cakes we bought for them, they change into their costume (naked lar) and jump into the pool. Then they start showing us their superpowers .. KaCha! HeeYa! KaBoom!...... To save us the trouble, we send in a scapegoat as the Monster (see pic). Phew... lucky I was not the chosen one! After an hour, battery running low liao.. so they have to recharge... all drank up thier Super Duper Alamak Milk! Thought it was a wrong move but no, it was a good one. After drinking they all went for a nap. Aaahhhh.... PEACE AT LAST!

Since they are asleep, we adults play mahjong straight away.. hahaha...ohya, Butt was here too. While we're playing, the ladies went to prepare dinner. Not long, the awakens of the monsters again... hai..... Anyway, dinner was a good one. Very delicious indeed. We had some beers too. Oh..forgot about my baby Oswald. He slept most of the time that's why he's "The Innocent Child". A good and tiring family get together. Do not know when they will reunite again... now thats scary.....

A good lunch!

My uncle brought my mom, Tracy and I to a chinese restaurant in Pandan Mewah, Cheras for lunch. He said that it is a good deal with good food. We were given the menu and yes the deal was good. Every dishes costs only RM5.80 and they have 65 different food to choose from. See the list below. Quite a good deal huh!

We ordered a few dishes and it was good indeed. They even gave free chicken soup. Although the portion wasn't huge but still we had a full stomach! What we ordered?

1. Kam Heong Lala
2. Potato leaves with belacan
3. Chicken Fried Rice
4. Fried Pray Mantis Prawn
5. Butter Chicken

6. Pineapple Fried Rice (not in picture)
7. Chicken feet soup (free of charge)

8. Chinese Tea

Total bill:- RM38.00

Will sure be back as there are still a lot to choose from the menu!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

How are you mate?

We heard so much about Sylvia's Ireland boyfriend and finally I got the chance to meet him yesterday. We set for a luncheon meet over at Sg Wang. I actually expected him to be a fat and mature guy as what I recall seeing him in Sylvia's handphone but I was wrong. He is actually quite fit and looks a lot younger. Anyway, we sat in the cafe enjoying the food. He was quite, maybe I wasn't friendly enough. I then ordered a bucket of beers to get things going and it did. He loves beers and mentioned to me it is their culture back in their country to have beer whenever they could. He says beers here in Malaysia are cheaper compare to theirs. I told him that it is even cheaper in Bangkok, Indonesia and Cambodia! We had a great time talking just about anything. We were there for 3 hours and we already drank 3 buckets of beers!! We parted our ways by 4pm. But that is not the end, we met up again in the night!

Called Kvin, Butt and Pao to have a drink with the Irish guy. They all agreed. Venue was then set at Thai Club in KL but sadly the Irish is just wearing shorts and slippers! We then divert to The Laundry Bar in The Curve. Drank a few more jugs of beer and went home.

This western guy can really drink man! We all already blur blur but he still wanna go on drinking and the only thing Sylvia could do is just shake her head! Hahaha. Unbelievable! What a beer day! Can't imagine if I were to go to Ireland to visit him. Sure die lar!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Big Sis B'day @ Milwaukee Kepong

Big Sis or we usually call her "Ah Tai" birthday is just around the corner, so my mother in law ask for a dinner outing. Set on a Sunday night and venue at Milwaukee Steak Corner in Kepong. The restaurant also known as a big bike concept restaurant for the Harley Davidson Club. This steak house also has another branch in Balakong and another in Vietnam! I have been to the Balakong outlet long long time ago liao and recall I had some good food there.

As we're looking at the menu, I found out that the prices are above average but worth it if the food is good. We ordered our dinner and overall it turns out all being acceptable. The one that is real good is the US Spare Ribs, medium done, so tender and juicy! But the price is high also lar. Hee hee. We also order some Escargot and it taste not bad either.

The food is not bad but the drinks are a bit on the steep side. Every drink cost at least RM6.90++. Another wonderful outing with my in laws. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH TAI!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

De Solvang @ Solaris

Alright, why did I say that my mom won't be happy for long in my previous post? I think you can guess it. Yup, I went for a drinking session with my friends right after my mom's cake cutting ceremony. Hee hee... Leaving my 2 kids with her... She said that I'm very clever, make her happy happy then suddenly throw my kids for her to care.. hahaha... she just ask me to come home early and drink less... what a great mom I had!

Alrite, about the night drinking session. Why we had a gathering? Cause our lovely friend Liz Lee was here in KL. She is based in Penang and still single. So guys out there, do contact me for further enquiries... haha. At 1st, we actually planned to go to a Jazz bistro called Alexis in Ampang. There's a live performance there too. As I was on the way, Josh Wee who reach there 1st says the place is full house. Unbelievable, never thought there will be soo much Jazz lovers in KL. Anyway, we then change venue and Solaris came to my mind. Heard so much of the place so decided to try it out. We reach there and notice there is quite a number of pubs and bistros but not so much of patrons. We then choses one bistro called De Solvang as the music is relaxing.

The drinks sold here isn't cheap but expected lar. A jug of beer costs RM58++. Ordered a few jugs of beers, had some great chats and enjoyed the music played. Ohya, the beer ladies there are kind of sweet too. Hee hee.

Our Lovely Mom's B'day

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Mommy,
Happy birthday to you!

It was my mom's birthday, and we celebrated it last Saturday. It was really a good get together for me and my family. We had a wonderful seafood dinner (forget to take picture) and then went back home for the cake cutting. We had so much laughters during that night, thanks to my son Oscar as he made all sorts of animal faces and sounds. Only then I realizes that he knows so many different kind of animals. Not bad huh for a 3 year old.

My wife and I got her a glitering dinner handbag for present. My younger sis also bought her a bag, but it much bigger and expensive than mine.. hee hee... anyway, my mom is a happy woman that night... but not for long... hee hee (read my next post)