Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bayar Saman!

Today went to check how many traffic summons my family has. We have 5 cars and guess how many summons we got. Break down as per below:-

Dad's Car - 4 summons
Mom's Car - 5 summons (actually 1 is mine during JB trip)

Tracy's Car - 2 summons
Sister's Car - 2 summons
My Car - 0 summons (keng leh!)

Total : 13 summons

Now guess the total amount payable.

13 summons, total payable RM2000.00. After discounts somemore! If not it'll be 3K++. Ya ya, drive fast fast and you think you are flying but it is your money that is flying away. So please drive and respect the law or you are fooling around with your hard earn money!!

Hai... no money liao early of the month! I think my dad is already crying in his heart!

Monday, July 28, 2008

What a friday night fever

It was indeed a long night. Last Friday my wife had a gathering with her ex schoolmates in Subang and I had to send her there. Since I will be alone, I invited Butt and Pao as a companion. We then call Kevin. Ok set... on liao. We gather at a food court in Sunway where we had our dinner. Of course, beer also lar. I think we drank at least 8 large bottles of beer. A bit blur blur liao. Then Kevin had to go shooting nearby and he left. So Pau, Butt and I decided to go clubbing at one of the hottest clubs in Sunway. 1st time there, so did not expect much. Cover charge was RM50 for a drink. We went in and found that the place was cool, not too crowded and stuffy. Music wise was kinda trance and rave. Anyway, there were a few in house dancers on the stage whereby Butt and Pao enjoyed. I lit up a cigarette and was ask to smoke downstairs. It is a non smoking premises. Never been to a non smoking club before... no wonder not stuffy lar.

Later on, my wife friend called me up and inform me that Tracy is drunk. Ohya, she is now in a karaoke venue. Hard to believe that she is drunk but what to do. Drank up the remaining beers and left the club. Reach there, call her and she say she is okie and wanted to stay on. Duh.......... well, then receive Kevin sms that he will be done in a few minutes and where to go... So we decided to sing karaoke also lor since we were there. Book a room and i went to send my regards to Tracy's friend which then I regreted. Once in, one shot of beer. Then another shot of beer. Walau eh... now i blur blur liao... quick quick left the room and went for my friends. We sang, actually we scream all nite long. I think all was enjoying themself when only to find out it was aredi 4am... long time no go out so late liao and i was kinda drunk. Reach home at 4.30am and tomorrow got to work... sien ler....

Anyway, thanks for my buddies Butt, Pao and Kvin to accompany me that nite if not i'll be alone and dunno where will I end up at... SPA? .. hee hee