Friday, April 24, 2009

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant @ Hulu Langat

I heard about this restaurant from my mom actually. She told me the food was good with a nice fish pond and vege farm environment. Ask her where was it and she told me inside a jungle... i was duh.... got the address from her and off we went searching for it with Tracy and Butt. Went up and down the hill and saw a small sign board which says "Fish Vege Farm". We turn in and got ourselves into a bumpy rough country road. It was very bumpy indeed and we could only see trees around us. We thought that we might got the wrong place but then we saw a glimpse of a pond. We headed straight and came to the restaurant sitting above a pond. On its side was the vegetables farm. The decoration aren't great but the environment is superb. We're sitting in a restaurant surrounded by forest with a pond and farm.

It was lunch time and it was quite packed with patrons. I wonder how they got to know such a place. There were monkeys running on the roofs and we're scared if they are hostile... hee hee.. We sat down and came a Thai lady to take down our orders. She recommended some of their specialties and we decided to try it. The food was actually good, espeacially the fish. Below are what we ordered. Sat there chit chat, drank our beer and enjoyed the food. Definitely be back again.

Km 4, Jalan Ampang Hulu Langat, 68000
Ampang, Selangor.
Tel:017-2515235 / 0192606493

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lunch, Movie & Tea @ Pavillion KL

Ya ya... yes yes.... Tracy and I went to Pavillion again. We went for the movie Fast & Furious 4. Before the movie we went to have a quick bite. Tracy wanted to try out Subway, a sandwich bar. There's quite a lot of varieties of sandwich to choose. Tracy chose the ham sandwich and the bar attendant get his hand on. Slicing the bread, applying some butter and placing the meat. Then he ask us what vegetables we want to add in. I just say "All in" and he gladly did so. It was a set meal so it came with a cup of tea. I did not taste it cause I was still full from the breakfast I had. Tracy seems to enjoyed it.

We then head straight to the movie theatre. Notice a lot of new movie trailers such as X-Men and Transformers so expected to watch both of them..haha.. movie begins and ended. Nothing much to say about it. Overall, the movie Fast & Furious was quite a satisfactory one. After the movie, I was my turn to feel hungry. We decided to try out the cone pizza outlet called Kono Pizza. The topping was almost no different from the regular pizza shops. Just that the serve in cones. Ordered a set meal which comes with salad, mushroom soup, garlic bread, a soft drink and the cone pizza itself. The salad, soup and bread tasted normal. Main thing is what the cone tasted. To my amazement it tasted normal too... hahaha.. the set costs me RM16.90.

Another day passes by. Expenses for the day.....

Sandwich - RM12.00 kua ( I did not paid for it )
Movie - RM25.00 for 2 pax
Popcorns & drinks - RM4.60
Pizza - RM16.90
Car park - RM12.00 !!!!!!

Total: RM70.50 !!! without beers this time.. hee hee

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lunch @ Pavillion

It was a normal weekday with nothing much to do, Tracy and I went to Pavillion for lunch. Decided to go for sushi and straight we went to Sakae Sushi. It was almost after lunch hour so there were'nt much patrons. The interior was very comfy. As usual, we sat by the sushi rail so that we could grab whatever we want. Tracy loves sushi very much, especially sashimi sushi. It was a reasonable thickness of the sashimi meat and fresh. I had a beer to goes down with my Chicken Teriyaki Don. We manage to chomp down a few plates of sushi and the bill came up to RM70.25. Quite an expensive lunch but we a damn full lunch.

We then head for a little window shopping. Notice a lot of sales going on lately maybe due to the economical crisis we are facing. Then Tracy had the sudden urge to eat donuts and we could only think of J Co. Donuts. We bought a box of 6 donuts which costs us another RM12.50. Then we head to a restaurant cum bar for drinks. I drank more beers and Tracy had a tea and eating her donuts. The bill there came RM30.25.

Overall, the whole afternoon we had use up a grand total of RM120++. I think I should cut less on beers... hee hee