Monday, November 23, 2009

8th Day of Me and My Kids

Finally it is the 8th day, Tracy and my parents will be back tonight after their 1 week business trip to China. Oscar, Oswald and I miss Tracy a lot. She has never been away from us for so long. During this 1 week, I have gotten even much closer with my 2 kids. Although they are naugthy at all times but somehow it was a pleasure seeing them screaming and running around. They are growing pretty fast as Oswald now can speak a few simple words. As for Oscar, he just graduated from his 2nd kindergarden year. His report card was actually quite good. No matter how fast they are growing, they will always be my small lovely monsters.. love them always... hee hee

Can't wait to see Tracy tonight!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

4th Day of Me and my Kids

Well well... it is now Thursday morning and I have been taking care of my kids for 3 days already. Believe me, it ain't an easy task. Now I'm feeling a bit tired and sometimes stressed out. As you know, both my kids is not the regular kids. They are the SUPER DUPER HYPER ACTIVE type. They made me shout and run around the house every night! Dinner is really a tiring job as Oswald won't eat quickly. He will smile at you then run away and I will be chasing after him with a bowl and spoon in my hand. Oscar is better as he could feed himself now.

Getting them to fall a sleep is just time consuming. Both of them will then ask "Where is Mommy? Where is Grandpa? Where is GrandMa?" ... I repeated the same answer 3 to 4 times every night! Will need at least an hour for them to doze off. By then it is already almost 11pm. I then need to get ready the school uniform, school bag, wash clothes, wash milk bottle and dishes etc etc etc... sigh... oh ya, I only got the time to take my dinner at 11pm yesterday night....

Not much sleep lately. 3 nights down and 4 more nights to go before my savour comes back!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just me and my two kids

Tracy will be flying to China for 1 week in a few hours time. The worst thing is that both my parents are going along too. Yup, for business again. Now I will have to care of my my kids Oscar and Oswald for 1 whole week. Could not sleep so decided to update my blog after sometime.

My parents and Tracy will be going to Xiamen, China to look at some tea process. Actually it is me that would go along with her but I suggested that maybe my parents should go. They have not been out overseas for quite sometime and they agree. But I had to take care both my kids. For a whole week! Now thinking of it already scare me. Ha Ha.

A brief of what I needed to do everyday:-

1. Wake up at 6.30am and wake up both my kids. Make milk for them as breakfast.
2. Send Oscar to school and then Oswald to nanny's place.
3. Need to rush to my office before 9am.
4. Then as usual busy with my work.
5. After work at 5.30pm need to pick up Oswald and Oscar.
6. Need to buy dinner and feed both my kids.
7. At 9.30pm, make milk and time for the kids to sleep.
8. After they slept, need to get ready Oscar school bag for the next day.
9. Wash clothes.
10. .......... My free time!!!.. but dunno what time will that be already...:(

Hopefully I could handle the week without much problem. Wish me luck guys!