Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have you seen him so handsome before?

Was free today, and decided to surf the internet. Somehow got hold of this picture of our wonderful friend BANTWAN. It is written in the internet :-

"Mr Lee Ban Twan - Web Services Manager".

We are so proud of you!

Have you guys seen him so handsome and smart before? can use this picture for love matching company liao... sure got lots of reply one... hee hee

Monday, February 16, 2009

A little of gardening

After our valentine luncheon, we both went back to our office. Got home and found this little busy fella. My mom was doing some gardening and Oswald decide to chip in a helping hand. He was really really busy. Walking up and down, from this end to the other with the flowering pot in his hand... without water lar of course.. haha.. when he sees my mom plucking some grass, he also kneels down to do so... really a copycat!.. I could not resist and quickly took some pictures of him...

A simple Valentine day

It's Valentines Day, Tracy and I decide to have a simple luncheon instead to celebrate the Love day. It was a luncheon because later in the night my family will be celebrating my brother's birthday together. Anyway, we went strolling around Pandan Indah to see what restaurant we could find. Tracy wanted to eat steamboat but to our dismay, we could not find any during lunch time. So we decide to go to a BBQ restaurant. The menus were then presented to us and we saw they serve steamboat too! Ah, it is like a wish came through for Tracy. We ordered a single pax steamboat, some bacon and lamb BBQ, some sushi and a few bottles of beers. We had great time enjoying ourselves and talking about the old days. Come to think of it, I already lost count of how many years I'd been celebrating Valentines Day with Tracy...:p


Monday, February 9, 2009

Jakarta 6th - 8th February 2009

It was a sudden decision to go to Jakarta, Indonesia. There was a Coffee & Tea exhibition there and decided to pay a visit. It was only a 3 days 2 nights stay. Manage to book 2 flight tickets with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and it only costs us RM700++ for return flight for 2. Now they even offered to fly to Bandung. Anyway, it was Tracy's 1st time being served by a western stewardess and she mention they aren't that pretty nor young... hahaha... The food they serve on board is actually quite good so is their red wine... hee hee... The flight took about 2 hours and we touch down in Jakarta at about 7pm. The hotel I booked had sent a personnel to transfer us to their hotel.

This is my 2nd thime to this city and the traffic is still the same. Very very congested. It took us more than an hour to reach our hotel where it normally takes only 30 minutes. The hotel I booked is called Hotel Borobudur, a 5 star hotel. The hotel is huge but it is already kinda old. There is a garden and lake too which makes it a resort. The room was okie to us. Had dinner in the hotel and later straight we went to bed. The next day, we went for breakfast which was provided. Tracy was shocked to see so many kinds of food was served. We had a stomach full breakfast. I then call my agent in Jakarta and we set to meet at the exhibition center. Took a taxi there which was not far from the hotel. Once we enter the halls, we were actually very dissapointed. There were'nt as much exhibitors as we thought there were. Only manage to find a few which were in line with what my business is. A lot of stalls are still not occupied yet. It only took us less then an hour and off we went out to wait for my agent. Had some business talk with him and later on he offered to send us to a renowned shopping complex called Senayan City.

Since there is nothing much to be done already, Tracy and I went window shopping and later on even catch a movie.. hahaha.. we watch Benjamin Button. It was a very nice movie actually but kinda long one too. We then took shabu shabu for lunch and dranks some beers. Then more shopping and then dinner.. hahaha.. really nothing much we could do in Jakarta. Bought more beers and chips to be brought back to our hotel. We continued there. There goes the 2nd night. Gonna fly back to KL the next day.

The next morning, took our breakfast as usual. Since our flight is late in the evening, we took our time walking around the hotel vacinity and took some pictures. We actually wanted to go for massage but sadly it was fully booked until 4pm which was then too late. We then went shopping again to kill some time. At about 3pm, we went to the airport. We found a massage center there and we had a foot massage for an hour. hahaha. The massage was good but kind of on the pricey side but what the heck!.. Shopped and drank more beers in the airport while waiting for our flight. We reach KL in the night. Overall, a bad exhibition but then a great time with my wife Tracy!

B.A.M. CNY Gathering 2009 - 5th February 2009

As usual BAM will have a CNY gathering for the members and public. This time it was held in The Pub, Shangri La Hotel KL. The turn out was great with I think about 200 pax. International buffet and free flow of beer and soft drink was served. A lot of high profile bosses and even celebrities were there. I managed to get a few friends of mine to join and we really drank a lot of beers that night. In the end, I was a bit drunk liao. Anyway, I would like to thank them for the support towards the association.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bumbu Bali & Kvins House

The holiday is alomost over and the next day we all had to start work liao so we had another get together. We went for balinese food in Puchong called Bumbu Bali. We've been here before a couple of times and the food is still good. Then we went to Kvin house to gamble. Pang Yew, June and Lay Hoon came too but I bet pang yew regreted coming... Cause he lost money to me. It was a lucky night for me as I alone had won about RM200++. But in the end, I ended treating them the dinner and drinks!... great night!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another night @ my home!

Another gathering at my house. Met a new friend brought by Kirk Keong. Nice to meet you Tommy!

Chinese New Year!

This Chinese New Year, a bunch of friends gather together for a dinner and lou sang. The turn out was about 15 people. They are :-

Gary & Tracy
Kevin & Rachel & Audrey
KP & Lay Hoon
Mark & Yean
Butt & Avis
Pao & Esther
Kirk Keong
Yandsen & Eva

The lou sang session was a fun one cause there were 2 tables. We gather in one table and then off to the next which means we lou sang twice. Haha. I brought some red wines and Butt brought a bottle of whisky too. The dinner was good but costly. Anyway, the dinner ended at about 9.30pm and we went to Lunar Bar for 2nd round.

It is my 1st time to Lunar Bar and it was good. They have a great view of KL city. We were busy snapping pictures away. Since it was a ladies night, the ladies need not pay and comes with a free ladies drink. As for the guys, we ordered a bottle of Martell. Oh ya, another friend join in. It was Thomas and his GF Seok Peik. The party there was then continued to my house for a chinese tea drinking. We chatted about all things. I think it was about 3am the gang went home.

Ah... Visit to Cheryl house as usual each year. Brought my kids along as they long to reunite with Cheryl kids Simone and Keagan. Yes, again they were screaming, jumping and crying... what do you expect from kids wor? The adults played mahjong as usual. See the mahjong queens picture below.. hahaha