Monday, July 30, 2007

A day trip...

After my trip to Thailand, my wife, Tracy then ask to go for a one day trip vacation with her family. Well, I thought to myself I should as she did not go with me on the previous trip. So off she plan and we agreed on going to Berjaya Hills, formerly known as Bukit Tinggi. Started the journey early at 9.30am. Met up with Tracy mom and sister at the Karak Toll plaza. Journey took us about 40 minutes. Our 1st stop was the Rabbit Park at Berjaya Hills. Paid RM3 for an adult and none for children below 3 years. My son Oscar and his cousin, Ying Ying had a great time playing with the rabbits. Chasing them and even holding them too. Brave huh… Was afraid of them getting bitten. There were donkeys and deers too in the area. Very smelly indeed but it dun seems to effect the kids. Hahaha. Then we went to the ‘famous’ French Village known as Clomar Tropicale. Nothing have change actually since I last visited except for a cover charge of RM16 per adult. Kinda expensive though. Not much people patronizing this place. But anyway, we had a stroll in the village, took some pictures and had a drink. The drinks are pretty expensive too. RM8.00 for a juice with mostly just ice cubes in it. Then that’s it, off to our next destination. Off we go to the Japanese Village. 1st time there myself so I was pretty excited. It was situated in a forest and we had to walk for about 10 minutes before reaching the tea houses. The walk up was refreshing. There is a pond with plenty of Koi fishes in it. The kids enjoy watching those fishes. It was very relaxing indeed. Upon reaching the tea house, we realize we need to pay RM20 for entering it and sample some tea. We did not enter though. Walk around in the forest enjoying the fresh air. It was already 1.30pm and we decided to head down for lunch. Lunch was nice. Had some fried noodles and durians too. After lunch, we head home and had a nap. Oscar had a great day and Tracy had a tiring day.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Days In Thailand

Ah...just back from our neighboring country Thailand and what a journey it was. But still, the trip to Cambodia is still the best. Was at Thailand for a week with a bunch of great friends. The same bunch always but this time without my wife Tracy. She was 4 months pregnant so we do not want to risk it. Anyway, the journey begins.....

18th July 2007, took airasia flight to Bangkok and within 2 hours, sawasdeekap...touch down... at the terminal, we wanted to take a bus to Khaosan Road where we have made accommodation earlier on but somehow we found out that taking a taxi meter is much cheaper. How strange is that. Reach the location and my gosh, not a bad place. The entire stretch of the road is pack with people from all countries. Plenty of stalls selling from t-shirts, accessories and even tattoos.

We then checked into our budget hotel and it was a clean room for me. The air-conditioned room has 3 single beds, a TV, a fridge and a bathroom. The room costs about 1080 baht (approximately RM108) per night. I’m sharing room with Butt and Ah Pao coz we’re the single ones. After throwing our baggage down, we head for our 1st meal in Bangkok. Food was so so to me but the beers are much cheaper compare to Malaysia. Even cigarettes are cheaper too. Now, that’s life to me… hahaha..

Lunch done and it’s shopping time. I’m actually not a shopper myself but I enjoyed it as there is much to see and bargain for. Oh yes, there’s plenty of massage parlors too ranging from 100 baht to 250 baht. Walk up and down the road and then sat down for some beers. Times flew by quickly as it was already 6pm. Went back to the hotel for a bath as the others went for massage. Later in the night we went to China Town for dinner. KP a friend of mine mentioned that the seafood is cheap here. We settle at a restaurant and order some oysters, shark fins soup and bird nest. The food was ok but we could hardly find the shark fins. The dinner costs us 1600 baht. We then walk along the Chinatown street and could only see restaurants selling the same food.
We then took off to Patpong, an area famous for its night market and of coz the A-Go-Go pole dancing girls. Now, beware as these ppl will try to persuade and even pull you into the pubs. We did not patronize any of them but I still manage to get a peek inside. Dozens of bikini gals dancing on the tables. Ah… if I were single….. just joking. We then head back to Khaosan Road and settle in a pub for beer. At 2am in the morning and the place is still pack with people. Especially those who is offering their services. Mostly they are lady boys, if you know what I mean. One of them did attack on Ah Pao. But right after he/she found out that we’re from Malaysia, it back off and search for another. I wonder why. End of the 1st day.
19th July 2007. Woke up, took breakfast and off we go touring the city. We went to the Grand palace and was trick by a man saying that shorts are not allowed to enter before 1am. He offered some trips along the famous Chaopraya River for sightseeing and we took it. Hop onto a boat and the tour begins. We saw houses, temples, houses and temples….. for an full long hour.. oh no… we’re cheated. Anyway, we then head to the palace again and then we saw the sign “do not trust strangers that offer boat trips”… too late for us now. But one thing for sure is that no short is allowed in the temple. But no worries, we could borrow long pants with a deposit. After all that we head back to Khaosan again for lunch and more shopping. Oh... Pei Zhi, Kp's girlfriend got lost. Woman sometimes gets too concerntrated in shopping. Kp at that time is more pissed than worried. hahaha. Luckily she is able to find her way back to the hotel. We went for massage too. The thai massage was great. They stretches you like there is no tomorrow. Oh yeah.. its fun though. Right after dinner, we pack our stuff to board a bus to a jeti and then a boat to Koh Samui. The journey on the bus starts at 9pm and took almost 9 hours to reach the pier/jeti. Could not sleep all night. Then we board a speed boat and that’s another 5 hours. Finally we arrive Koh Samui. 20th July 2007, 12pm, we quickly went to look for our stay… went to a few but to no avail.. its either too noisy, too dirty or not worth it.. Then we check into a resort at Chaweng Road . Though it was pricey but the rooms are okie with a private beach front. But mainly is the hunger that took over us. Walk along the stretch of Chaweng Road and decided on an Indian restaurant. The funny thing is, we all took the Thai menu and none Indian cuisine. Hahaha.. After the long and hectic journey there, we decided to fly to our next destination which is Phuket. So Butt, Pao and myself went to an internet shop and book the tickets. We even booked the accommodation in Phuket too. Then we stroll along the road and realize there is a lot of a branded boutique. So much for bargaining huh. After all that, we changed and off we go to the beach. Beach was nice with some pretty faces and bodies. Hee hee.. Dinner we had McDonalds. Then kaboom…it started to rains… that goes the nite. We bought some beers and went back to our rooms to drink.

21st July 2007, woke up early and check out. We then check into a budget hotel called the Mody Dick guesthouse as it was much cheaper. A lot pubs down the road. We then went for a snorkeling trip we had earlier made. Hop onto the boat and drop ourselves into the ocean. The water isn’t clear and the corals are not up to our expectation. We then head to the beach for kayaking. Well at least kayaking was fun. We did flip over and luckily we did not bring our cameras with us. Lunch was provided and it was actually not bad. We enjoyed the food. After that, we played and sun tanned on the beach. At 2pm, time to head back. The rest of the day was usual, walking here and there. After dinner, we had a drink below our budget hotel. Now… this area suddenly lights up with gals everywhere. Each pub had girls standing in front of the entrance asking passerby to enter. Music was loud. We played pool, chit chat, drink and gals watching. After all that we bought some drinks again and drank in our rooms. Oh yes, Vteck, another friend got drunk after a drink. He says that the drink might be spiked. Come on lar. He must have gone out while we're drinking in the room. Anyway, the music was veryloud, but I slept through it. Woke up at 5.30am and the party is still going on. Unbelievable.

22nd July 2007, check out and went to Koh Samui airport to head for Phuket. The airport was nice actually, the restrooms are air-conditioned but not the waiting and lobby area. How strange. Board the flight and within an hour we’re at Phuket airport. Since we had made rooms booking earlier on, we save much time. Now this is the best and most worth it stays of ours. Nice place with plenty of lush greenery and a swimming pool. Rooms were great. It’s called the K-Hotel. Check in and off we go touring the area. Oh yes, the area is called Patong Beach and the famous road is called Bangla Road. Tuk tuk was everywhere so no worries on transport. We walk to the beach and the scenery was nice. One thing is that Phuket has more Asian tourist then the other 2 stops we made. More shopping can be done here. There is also plenty of massage parlors here too. But the price is a bit higher compare to Bangkok. There are a lot of local people promoting the Muay Thay or so called the Thai Boxing. Wanted to go but after knowing the price, I gave up. It cost at least 1000 baht per ticket. Later in the night, it rains till late. We slept. 23rd July 2007, last day of the trip. We bought souveniers and relax ourselves the whole day. Went for massage too. Grab a couple of beers, went for a dip in the swimming pool.. what a life… since it was the last day, we decided to have a great dinner… we went to a fine dining restaurant for western food. Ordered some cocktails and enjoyed the nite till…kaboom… it rains again... not letting it interfere with our last night, we had a stroll under the rain.. hahaha… head back to the hotel and drank Shoju brought by a friend of mine Stella. Drank all and wanted more. Went to 7-11 to get more beers. Now the night is getting busy. A lot of ppl along the streets. Head back to hotel and drink more beers. After all those drinking, we went for a stroll on the famous Bangla road where it houses all pubs. Whoa… pretty faces here and there and yes…. there is also a lot of lady boys… at about 3am, we head back to catch some sleep. 24th July 2007, woke up unwillingly but it is the last few hours in Thailand. Pack our stuffs and off we go to the airport. Reach LCCT at 3.45pm.

Well.. There goes our trip in Thailand. Overall it was good but mainly on shopping, nite life, beers and sun. I prefer Khaosan road and then Phuket more to Koh Samui. We did not go to any tourist attraction this time. Maybe one day we’ll head back….

Next trip? Myammar? Vietnam? Bali?