Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pictures of us in Bangkok

Ok.. Here are some images of our Bangkok trip. Sorry for the blur images as I use only camera phone to capture. Hee hee.

Our 1st meal in bangkok but served by a lousy guy!
Maybe we're Asian kua...

Shopping! A heaven for the ladies but a nightmare for the guys!
But I enjoy shopping also lar... hee hee

Oh yeah... the beer towers! Main reason we're there... Cheap beers!
A heaven for the guys, nightmare for ladies! haha
The guy on the left got drunk! The right one never get drunk!

Tried these before? Grasshoppers.... Look! The leg is still moving!

Well, it's not moving anymore. See how much he is enjoying it.... taste not bad actually.

This fella never stop eating! Ah Pao should recognise this stall. The fish maw soup!

Ah... what a great way to relax ourselves by having a foot massage.
This where Yandsen got molested by a teenage ladyboy! Haha.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bangkok, Thailand

16th September 2007
Today is my birthday and on the 18th September is my wife's birthday. We are going to Bangkok to attend a Food Expo and to celebrate our 1st overseas birthday. But no, it was not only the 2 of us going. Manage to get 4 friends to join us. Butt, KP, PZ and Yandsen. 1st of all, I wanted to thank Pao for sending us to the bus terminal. He is a real friend indeed. Once we arrive the LCCT, we went to check in 1st and then we proceed to our usual waiting area The McDonald’s. Surprise to find it not packed as before but only to realize that it is fasting month for the Muslim.

The times flies by quickly and we're already on our plane flying to Bangkok. Journey took us about 2 hours. We touch down at about 11.45am Thailand time and there is already an airport transfer that we booked earlier on waiting for us. We had made accommodation bookings in Khaosan road because our last trip there was a memorable one. Khaosan road, a road packed with travelers, pubs, restaurants, street markets etc etc. Checked into our hotel and off we went for our 1st meal in Bangkok and of course our 1st beer too. Hee hee. Beers are cheap here. It only cost us 40 Baht (RM4) for a large bottle of local beer. Oh ya, there is a new policy in Thailand. Convenient stores are only allowed to sell alcoholic drinks to customer from 11am – 2pm and 5pm – 12pm. But pubs and restaurants are allowed to sell at all time but of course at higher price. But still cheap enough lar. After the lunch, we went straight for shopping. We realized the area isn't as packed as before maybe due to the protest happening recently. My wife made a kick off by purchasing a shirt 1st then followed by the rest.

It was indeed tiring from all those bargaining and walking so off we went for a massage. Massage here ranges from 180 Baht (RM18) to 220 Baht (RM22) per hour which is a lot cheaper in Malaysia which normally comes in RM50. Massage was good and it made my wife extended another hour of oil massage. Dinner and beer session followed after. Then more shopping and savoring the street food. Again we tasted the bugs. This time we ate the grasshoppers. Very oily but still taste alright. Then there is also the famous Pad Thai (fried noodles) for 20 Baht where you can find everywhere. We also ate a lot of deserts and I personally like the Sticky Mango Rice. After filling up our stomach with the local delicacies, it is now time for beers! We went from street cocktails that serve cocktails in a plastic bucket to pubs for beer towers. Did not get too drunk cause we got to rest to attend the expo which starts tomorrow. Ohya, Yandsen saw a local man masturbating in the room next to his that night. Later on in the middle of the night, Butt heard a woman speaking into his ears while sleeping. Scary huh? Haha.

17th September 2008
Woke up at 7+am and went for breakfast with Tracy. I was thinking that we're probably the earliest to wake up but no.... Yandsen just got back from a walk! He says he always wakes up early. Others are still sound asleep. Then Butt woke up and later on went for a morning massage with Yandsen. At 10.30am, we all went to the exhibition center which was located in a new shopping complex called Siam Paragon. The journey was long cause of the usual traffic jam Bangkok is famous for. The expo was not as big as I thought of but still manage to get some interesting products. Not gonna elaborate on that. After the expo, we went for a Japanese lunch inside the complex. It was good and the price is cheaper than in Malaysia. The complex houses a lot on huge international brands. We went from one complex to another complex. From a luxury one to a bargaining market complex. Hee hee. Of course we love the market one lar. Cheap mah! Shopping is real tiring and we went for foot massage again. This time Yandsen was attended by a going to be shemale teenager. The massage was fun as we had great laugh teasing Yandsen as the boy massages him. The boy gave him an extra 10 minutes massage for free. The boy even asks Yandsen to go out with him tonight. Haha. Yandsen ran away as fast as he could. Not even looking behind if the boy was chasing him. Hahaha

Then we went for a dinner in the food court in one of the complexes. We were real tired then but it is still early. We are not going back to our hotel definitely and we decided to venture the renowned Patpong road for street markets and of course the A-Go-Go bars. Yandsen and Butt went to check out the scenes to see which has the best quality in terms of looks and body while the rest waited at a pub. Then we went into an unforgettable experience. The so called "Ping Pong Show".

We were ushered into an upper floor pub. Upper floor means special features lor. It is our 1st time ever in such places and would probably be the last one too. Once entered the premises, a fouled stench is in the air. To be specific, smell of urine. Then we see a lot of naked gals on the floor and the stage. I found out that we're the only bunch of patrons there besides a single westerner sitting at the other corner. Since we're in there, ordered a beer and gave the usherer a tip. We check the stage then. All the dancing naked girls turn to face us. The quality really not good ler. All auntie. No body shape. Look not pretty. Then the unimaginable thing happens, we sees ping pong balls flying towards us. We found out 2 gals on the stage was firing them at us.... u guess it, right from their lower body! They inserted a few balls into them and fired right at us. Now I know why it smells in the area. Yucks!! Imagine those balls hitting on you or even worst your lips. I think you will go for Dettol wash asap. Before we could down our beers, another 2 gals went up. This time with a small horn in their hands. They inserted into them... yes... the same lower part and played an irritating rhythm. This is really unbearable to all of us. Then later on came a lady and sits beside one of us. Not me ya, cause my wife was next to me which is a good thing. Not gonna say who is the guy lar but I bet you can guess it. She started molesting him. She even pulls down her bikini and offered him to touch her breast. The looks really auntie ler and we all rushed out of the premises as quickly as we can. Well all I could say is that it is a nightmare in this place! I wonder who would want to see these shows. If we went there without Tracy and PZ, I’m sure we will not come out alive!

We then went back to Khaosan road and started talking about the experience. All seems to gonna had a nightmare tonight! hahaha.. We opt for more beers to help us forget it. Went into 7-11 stores and came out with our beers. Finish it and went for another round. We got high but still the night is young so we hopped into a disco called The Lava and was attended by 2 friendly and presentable ladies. They are wearing sexy dress and are good in social. Now, this is what I call gals lar. Not those before!!!!.. Anyway, we were persuaded to buy a bottle of Bacardi by them. I decide to pay for the whole bottle to celebrate Tracy’s B’day. We drank and dance till late night. Butt was drunk indeed and so was I. Went back vomited and slept without thinking of the experience that happened. Alcohol works man!

18th September 2008
We were supposed to go to Pattaya today but due to the 3 hours journey, we decided to called it off. We then check into another hotel nearby which has a pool and better rooms. The rates are of course higher lar. Today, we did not go anywhere but only Khaosan road. We all went separate ways. Tracy and I went shopping again. Then she decided to treat herself a pedicure. It is her b'day anyway. While she gets herself pampered, I wander around and then sit in a pub to relax. I was there for an hour or so looking at the local and tourist passes by. Isn’t it wonderful if you could do this all day? Then spotted Yandsen and he joined me for a drink. What would our trip be without a mahjong session? Hee hee. At 5pm KP, Butt and I played mahjong in the room while the others went for a nap and more shopping.

Dinner time came fast and we are all hungry. Walk into the back alley to find some local foods. Found one and we order quite some wonderful dishes. Fried fish, boiled clams, sweet and sour prawn, tom yam soup, veggie, fish maw and a couple of beers. It costs us only 500 Baht which is about RM50 only. Rain came and it really spoiled our last night here. It rained for hours and all we could do is to wait till it stops. But no no... it keeps raining. We drank some more beers and another night just flew away.

19th September 2008
Nothing much happen today because we’re going back to KL soon in the noon. I woke up early today too. I went down for a walk alone while my wife still wants to sleep. Bought myself a cup of coffee at 7-11 and stroll along the road. An hour later, went back to my room to have breakfast with Tracy. While we're having breakfast, Yandsen walks by. He is also awake at 7am and then joins us for a coffee. Since it is only 10am, and the others are still asleep, 3 of us went for massage again before heading back to KL. Our flight was 3.15 pm and we reach LCCT at 6.30pm.

Overall, a pleasant trip and definitely unforgetable show ever!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Party !

Was ask for a drink by Josh, Butt and Pao at Sui Xin Restaurant near my house. I went there 1st while my wife will join in later after her family dinner. Nothing seems unusual as we drank some beer and chit chatted. Then came Yandsen. This fella has not been joining us for drinks for quite sometime as he is sort of a family man. Ordered another round of beers. Then came Kevin and Rachel. Well well... what a day where we could all gather together after Rachels delivery. I called my wife to enquire her location as today is not a day to be missed. Then she arrives and we all had some great laughs while gulping down the beers. Suddenly came a surprise.
Kvin brought out a cake and I wonder. No way! No way! These cheapskate people are celebrating Tracy and my birthday in a roadside restaurant! Damn! Hahaha. Tracy and I never expected this to happen but when i came to think about it, i should have figured it out earlier. These people dun usually come out but suddenly all appeared. Stupid me. If i know, I sure change the venue to a 5 star hotel or something! hee hee. They sang us birthday song and tears flows from our eyes!. Joking only ya. hee hee. The cake was good. We had a lot of beers until I got a bit drunk. Then they suggested to continue at my house. Could I say no meh. Drank some brandy this time. Now I more blur liao. At about 2am, it is time to go as some of us needed to work the next day.

Anyway, Tracy and I would like to thank you all for celebrating our B'day and it really made our day a memorable one. What great friends I had and will always cherish them. Ya, I know of too much sweet talking but must talk nice a bit mah about them so that next time they will treat me more beers! hahaha Friendship forever!!!

Business Trip to Jakarta

8th September 2008
It was my 1st business trip to Jakarta, Indonesia and I’m an instant millionaire. We took a Holland airline called KLM there. Is is also my 1st time being served by a western stewardess. Since meals are provided, I had myself a bottle of Red wine. Hee hee. Food was ok but the stewardess is very pretty indeed. Reach Jakarta at about 6pm local time. Air transfer was provided and it is suppose to take us only 20 minutes to reach our hotel but instead it was 1 hour journey. Traffic was bad indeed. I think much worst in KL. Anyway, upon reaching our hotel and found out it is really a huge hotel. As we went into the hotel premises, our car was check for any bombs. They even open up the car door to look inside. I was told that all buildings in Jakarta had these kind of checks since the bombings. Then we needed to be scanned before entering the hotel lobby. Just like when we board a plane. What a tight security!

The lobby was quite amazing with lots of huge sofas and the stairway is very grand too. There were huge plant pots being place which make it a very comfortable scene. It is very busy hotel indeed as guest walks in and out. Later I was told it costs us about RM700 per night! I was shocked. Never stayed in a so expensive hotel. A key card was given to access the lifts to specific floors of to our room. The room was nice and spacious. It has a plasma TV and even a business working table. The bathrooms come with a shower and a bathtub that comes differently. The shower was those massaging showers where the water sprays to all parts of your upper body. Hope you get what I mean. Hee hee.

After placing our luggage we went straight to business as there is already a supplier waiting at the lobby. After an hour or so, we then head to a nearby shopping complex for dinner. Ah, my 1st meal in Jakarta. We went to the food court for more choices. We then chose to have local mixed rice. Food is not so good actually. It is either too SALTY or too SPICY. Yes, kinda hard to finish my plate actually. Then we walk to the local supermarket to see some teas they sell. After all that, we head back to our hotel since it is already 10.00pm. Had a shower and we head down to check out the bar. Ohya, during the fasting month, all entertainment outlets are not allowed to open for business. Only those in hotels are allowed to do so only. The bar in the hotel is still very empty at 11pm, maybe because it is a Monday night. So we decided to call it a day!

9th September 2008
Woke up early at 7am cause there will be another supplier that will pick us up at 9am. We went down for breakfast. The cafe serves lots and lots of food. There is western, japanese, oriental and local food. There is even dim sum too. Sushi was also served and I wonder if the Japanese really eat sushi for breakfast. The food was very good indeed. After that we went for our business matters so i will not go into that. We had lunch at local restaurant and again it was very SPICY. After a bite, I cannot stand it. Sweat rush down my head as i cough the hell out of myself. I only took vege only. Hee hee. Reach our hotel at 3pm to see another supplier and ended at 5pm. I went to rest and then at 7pm another supplier buying dinner. We had an oriental dinner just in our hotel. I thought to myself, finally a good meal and it turns out to be one. Had some beers since they are paying for it. hahaha. It all ended at 9.30 pm and we went again to the bar. Now at 9.30pm, the bar has already quite a few customers hanging around. Ordered a guiness stout that cost me RM24 a bottle. What the heck! Just drink ler. As I was cruising in the bar, I only realize most of the customers are ladies and they are without any drinks. Just standing there. Now I get it. hahaha. The quality isn't that great so I just enjoy the live band performing. Then suddenly a lady ask my cousin if he needs any company. After a few chats, the lady walks away. Asked my cousin and he told me she quoted him 1 million rupiah! That is about RM370. Way too expensive. After a few bottles, felt tired and there goes another night.

10th September 2008
Woke up at 8am and had breakfast. The food is the same as yesterday. At 9.30am, continued with my business schedule. Bla bla bla. Reach back hotel at 5pm. I went for a drink in the lounge while my cousin went for a massage. Ordered an ice coffee and it cost me RM22 leh! Then later on I only ordered for beers which only cost almost the same. We went to another shopping complex for dinner and later back to our hotel. It was 10pm and again I went to the bar. Now the bar is packed with people and realized that it is a ladies night. Wow. Damn lots of ladies leh. We men are outnumbered. 7 out 10 are ladies. I stood at the bar with my bottle of beer while checking out the scene. These ladies usually targets for westerners 1st and then only turn to Asian men. At about 11.30pm I decided to call it a day cause we need to get up early the next day.

11th September 2008
We woke up at 7am today and at 8am, we were off to the tea estate. The journey is about 2 hours drive. Was shown around the factory while a supervisor explains to us the process of teas. Took some samples and then went to our tea agent office in the noon. Blab la bla and time for us to head to the airport. Overall, a great business trip but a boring leisure trip.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tracy & My Birthday with my Family

Going to travel on the 16th September, so my family decided to celebrate Tracy and my birthday a week earlier. We went for a steamboat at Xiao Fei Yang Restaurant in Pudu. We have been to this restaurant for a number of times already. The food was good, especially the meat slices. At the end the total bill was about RM270.00. Quite expensive huh for a steamboat. Anyway, we had a wonderful dinner and would like to thank my family members for the special occasion. Love you guys!