Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GuangZhou, China.

After 3 nights stay in Hong Kong, it is time for us to depart to GuangZhou, China to meet up with some suppliers. It is my 2nd time there and frankly speaking, I like it there more than Hong Kong. Everything is so much cheaper there. Food is great too. Was there for another 2 nights stay to source for goods. Overall, not a bad business trip as we got what we wanted.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hong Kong - Leisure Part

Ok… now for the fun part. 1st time being in Hong Kong so do not know what to expect. On arrival, I find the island was actually quite clean and the people are very well mannered and friendly. No matter where I go, the sales person will greet you… “Welcome, take your time to look around” , “ Thank you, have a nice day”. I was rather not use to it as in Malaysia, they will not even bother to look at you. I was standing by the bus stand and admire people lining up to get on to the bus. If in Malaysia, I think you guys should know best. Hong Kong is a city of lights in the night. Skyscrapers showing off their lighting effects as if it is in a performance.

The MRT is really very very convenient. You could almost go anywhere. We did try the ferry too. Quite a view of all the high rise building. Food was okie and the beers was not that expensive. Ask around and was told that now drinks that is lower than 30% of alcohol is tax exempt free. How I wish it was the same back in my country.

Went to quite some places shopping and drinking. Went to Temple Street, Ladies Street, Sports Shoe Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Causeway Bay etc etc etc.. best is still Lan Kwai Fong where all the pubs are situated. Damn lots of people especially westerners. Not a bad place indeed. Minus point is that you are not allowed to smoke indoors. Oh and I saw a Hong Kong celebrity there too… Sit Kah Yin… or better knows as Hou Yi… not sure if u guys knows who… hee hee… enjoy the pictures…Guangzhou, China in next post... stay tune again…

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hong Kong Business Trip (12th - 15th August 2009)

Finally I’m back in KL after my trip to Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China. It was sure an eye opening and tiring trip. This time I went with my wife Tracy and some members of the Tea Association of Malaysia. We touched down late about 10pm in Hong Kong airport. Due to the swine flu H1N1, most of us wore a mask to protect ourselves. But then, we totally forgot about it… hahaha... Anyway, we were sent to our hotel and after checking in, 3 of us went for supper. Uncle Tan was a good friend of my father so most of the time, 3 of us were together. The 1st meal in Hong Kong was not bad but kinda expensive. We had porridge with some pork. The white porridge costs us RM3 per bowl and the pork (see image) is already RM40. We then ordered 2 bottle of beer at RM11 per bottle. We head straight to our hotel after that. Oh ya, the hotel provide adults channel for guest at RM50 per movie… ha ha… very expensive but never thought they had these services. But I did watch the preview… That ends our 1st day… lol

Woke up early the next day at 7.30 am to have breakfast but it was raining heavily. So I had to go 7-11 which is next to our hotel to buy bread only. Oh… breakfast wasn’t included in our stay… I just realized that when I arrived. At 9am, we board a shuttle bus to exhibition center. The exhibition was great and a lot of networking been done. Tracy and I head our own way to look for our own stuff. Met lots and lots of suppliers. It was business, lunch, business and dinner. Don’t wanna bore you guys. Enjoy the pictures.

More on leisure on my next posts… stay tune…

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Japanese English

I dare not say that my English is good but I think I have a better English understanding than them. Some are really hard to make up what they meant.....