Saturday, August 25, 2007

A day in retail

Hai... what a boring day it is today. Two of my retail staff went MC and it means that I have to be in my retail shop the whole day. Not much patrons today, I wonder why. Even the streets have lesser people than usual. Usually I often stand in front of my shop having a cigarette while watching girls walk by. But it seems like today all the pretty gals went on protest not to show up. Hahaha. The whole day I just sat there reading newspapers. Then i decided to go online and write up some blog. Too free. Business nowadays are not so good. Most of the customers just walk in, stroll around the place and then went off. Even if they purchase goods also 1 - 2 items only. That makes me start to think how am I suppose to sustain the business if this goes on. Although my business main income is on wholesale but retail is the upfront money with better profit margins. Oh.. for those who don't know me, I sell chinese tea.

Tea culture in Malaysia are still not so famous yet. Only those elderly people drinks and appreciates chinese tea. As for those youngsters, it is either coffee or alcohol. They are willing to pay RM10 - RM20 for a drink. But when it comes to chinese tea, even RM5 also say expensive. All the while, people have the impression that China products are cheap and not worth it. Not to blame them as I sometimes also have not much faith in China made goods. Research says that tea is the 3rd best health beverage. But still people opt for coffee which carries more unhealthy elements. Come on lar you guys out there, go drink alcohol, coffee and also chinese tea lar. Now that's fair, like me. I like them all.. hee hee.

I think I should do something about this. Need a way to promote chinese tea in Malaysia. Maybe a chinese tea cafe will do the trick with a blast of advertisements. But the risk involve is on the high side. Needed to plan in much more detail. Support chinese tea, support me... hahahaha.

"Health in a cup"

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Drink and Drunk

It was those time where we scratch our head and think of the future again. Day by day, times flew by and now I’m in my thirties. Another child of mine will be born soon. That means more trouble and responsibilities. With Oscar around, we’ll get tired often due to his hyper active characteristic. Now with an incoming, I dare not even think of it. Haha. Anyway, I got my lovely wife to share the burden with me. When I talk about Tracy, I often think to myself what a lucky guy I am. She is a good wife and mother. Ya, she sometimes do nag about me smoking and drinking too much but it is all for my own good sake. But we guys have the usual excuses of our own, we are under stress and needed to release tension. These arguments do happens so no worries. Haha.

Anyway, back to myself. Needed much more financial stability. Nowadays, everything has to do with $$$$. Day by day, my wife and I work the shit out of us and still we don’t have much savings. But one thing very strange is that we can save money for travel and entertainment everytime. Hahaha. I think most of you guys agree on this. Maybe we should cut down on entertainment and travel less. No more beers. I wonder how would life be? Anyway, we must sacrifice one or another.I remembered the days where we purchase a jug of beer shared by 5-6 people and we still get drunk. Now even a bottle of whisky won’t do the trick anymore. Come to think of it, we really drank our way till today. See the pictures below:-

This is what we have gone through in the past... there is a lot more...some are even XXX... so dare not post here...hee hee....So guys, Matta Fair is just around the corner, where are we going to for our next trip? Hee hee.

Friday, August 3, 2007


Well, from the past trips to Cambodia and Thailand, we have saviour some local "snacks". Some are good some aren't. Do have the guts to taste it?

Yes... that is a frog second from left... Ah Pao ate it but it do not taste good. (Thailand)

This is a duck embrio. Feel kinda beast when we are trying it. But it taste just like egg but with a little soft bone though. (Cambodia)

Ah.. the best snacks. Crickets and tarantulas. Taste just like having chips. A must try. (Cambodia)

Ah Pao ate it all and loves it very much. You wanna know who this Ah Pao is? Request in the comment area and I'll post this freak image. Hahaha.

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