Monday, March 30, 2009

Ching Bing Festival

Once in a year, we chinese will have a festival called Ching Bing where we will pay respect to our ancestors at their burial site. I've been there every year. We woke up at 5++ am and started our journey to our 1st site which is my great grand mother located in Cheras. Then we head to Serdang to my grandmother's site. I could see that this year the traffic is so much smoother than the previous years. Do you think the economic crisis affected this festival too?

Earth Hour - 8.30pm, 28th March 2009

It was Earth Hour day, so I decided to invite some friends over to my house to celebrate it along with my family. This day, we were suppose to switch off all lights from 8.30pm till 9.30pm (1 hour) to show our concern to save Earth. Hahaha. So we did. We started our dinner at 8pm with lights on, but then sharp 8.30pm all lights were off. So have to eat in the dark with candles litted up. Kinda romantic wor... Then we went out to my garden and started our usual drinking session. I could see some neighbours of mine did switch off their lights too. Those who were at my house were Kevin, Rachel, Andrey and Butt. Later on came Pao, Pang Yew, June and Avis.

Pang Yew who came later that night did gave us a surprise which I think that I'm not suppose to mention here. Those who knows him, ask him for more details.

Dinner with lights on.

Dinner with lights off !

In my garden

Getting a bit drunk

Burger King

Tracy has been asking me to go eat Burger King for quite sometime already after she saw their advertisement on a public bus. She is really keen to try out the Whopper Burger. So last Saturday was kinda free so off we went to Sri Hartamas outlet. Looking at the prices, it is slightly more expensive than other burger fast food chains. We ordered 1 set of BBQ Cheese Burger and 1 set of Black Pepper Whopper. Turns out that the Whopper is so much bigger in size! Of course more expensive lor. Anyway, we chomp our burger but still we could not finish up the frech fries... Taste wise was not bad. Finally fulfilled Tracy's eager for Burger King!

Friday, March 27, 2009

White Shoes & The Couple Company

Recently saw a music video of this band called White Shoes & The Couples Company from Indonesia and I find it very retro and interesting. Heard a few other song tracks by them and it attracts me. What you guys think? Anyone out there had their album? Care to share with me?

Below is one of their famous song music video.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Something I think pretty amazing..

Got these optical illusion emailed to me from someone and I think they are quite amazing. So I just post it up to share. Enjoy....

Monday, March 16, 2009

How quickly the years pass!

'Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today'

When they were children......

When they were in their twenties.....

When they are in their ........... I have lost of words... hee hee

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bali Island - 3rd Day for the 3rd and final day. Nothing much had been planned for today. More of a free and easy day. Oh... except to go try out Babi Guleng. Got a restaurant name recommended by the tour guide previous day and off we went there for lunch which in the end seems to be a bad idea. 4 group of people going seperately and dissappointly, none of the driver knows the place. All four cars on their seperate ways trying to locate the restaurant. We all were texting and calling each other to see whom had arrived. What a chaos. It took us almost an hour to reach the said destination and all mood was already being spoiled. Anyway, the food was not up to my expectation but some did say it is very good. Half day gone for sake of a PIG.

Then the gals wanted to enjoy the rest of the day by going for spas. We guys are happy to hear so and wanted to clap our hands and cheer Hooray but somehow, we dare not to.. we just had eye contact as if we know what we all meant... hee hee.. Deep down inside their heart, they all already celebrating! The gals took off and left us the guys to think of where to go with a few MILLIONS of rupiah and sperms also... hee hee

Then one suggested to go massage and another say go karaoke. One even say go to "Men" spa... I told them we cannot do this to our wives.. we must cherish them and not hurt them... then Kevin says he will pay for all my expenses so I gave in... hahaha... In the end, you know what the guys did? We did all THREE of them (massage, karaoke and spa). We went to a center called the GUYS HANG OUT. Upon reaching the entrance, already can feel that our heart pumping very fast. A lady approach us and guided us into a karaoke room. Then in came the GRO's. Each of us chose 1 lady and the session begins. Drink, sing, hug..... the atmosphere is getting very steamed up so off we head for jacuzzi... we stripped naked along with the GRO's... spend sometime there and we were guided to the massage rooms. The GRO's can do very very good massage and it was very sensual... so when the small head takes control over the big head... no need to tell what happen lor.. i think u all knows... Then suddenly I heard a woman voice shouting "Sei Lou ! Kiu Kai!"... I turn over and saw my wife instead of the GRO... I scream the lungs out of myself...AAAHHHHH!!!!... then we woke up and realize it was just a dream... kekekeke... well, well... back to reality liao... the guys holding a can of beer in our hand with a drop of tear appearing in our eyes.....

p/s: the paragraph above is just to build excitement of reading pleasure. None of it is real. Deep in our heart we only love our other half. We will not betray them!.... Right guys?... or maybe I should put "not yet betray"..... hahahaha

Enough of day dreaming, we guys walk around the Kuta area for hours and had a drink in a cafe. 7 guys, staring at each other wondering what to do. Finally we ended doing an hour massage ( a decent one) and then went back to the hotel to swim.... what a afternoon!..... The gals came back from their 3 hours spa session and we then went out for dinner. After the dinner, what else.... we went clubbing again... and since it is the last night, we drank and dance the hell out of ourselves... espeacially the ladies... Would like to thank Vteck for buying us the drinks. Pictures below tells a million words, so I'm not going to say much then.... enjoy the pictures....

The next and final day, we did nothing much but some last minute shopping. At 12pm, check out of the hotel and went straight to the airport to catch our flight back to Malaysia. Overall, another good trip with some old and new friends... looking forward for the next trip!

For more stories & pictures:-

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Bali Island - 2nd day

Alright, here's the 2nd day of our huge group trip to Bali Island.

Woke up early at 7 am in the morning for breakfast. I have earlier on planned and arranged a 1 day tour with a agency there via email. Since there were 20 people of us, so a bus was arranged. At 8.10am, we all walked to the beach waiting for pick up. 1st stop was a dance performance called the Barong Dance at Batubulan Village. It was a huge place with a seating capacity of at least 400 pax. Anyway, the dance was not what we all expected. This dance comes with a story and jokes that somehow did not impress any of us. It took an hour for the performance to finish. I bet someone did fall asleep during the show.. hee hee

Next we were brought to a Gold and Silversmith located in Celuk. It was a quick drop in as we left in just 15 minutes. No one bought anything there except for Rachel I think. I think not much commision the guide could fork out of us... hee hee. We hopped back onto our bus and head for the Mount Batur in Kintamani. It was raining cats and dogs when we arrive and the fog covered the view of the mountain. It was rather dissapointing but there's nothing much we could do about it. The buffet lunch otherwise was quite good actually with quite a lot of food choices to savour. We filled up our stomach and head to our next destination - The Tirta Empul Temple. It was still raining when we reached but nothing gonna stop us. The temple was a small one but had some history behind it. We saw worshippers cleansing themselves in the cold spring water pools before they could enter the temple. From adults to even kids were bravering the cold just to pay their respect and worship the gods. As we board our bus again, Ms Yean then requested to visit the rice paddy terrace field. She mention it was quite a view. So I talk to our guide and we did drop by for some pictures... hee hee

We were then brought to the Art market in Ubud for some shopping. Arrive the market at 4.45pm and we were only given 45 minutes to shop as the guide said time is running short. Now this is the place where the ladies showed their barganing skills. Price not right, moved on and eventually they will call you back and then you will feel proud as you had win the price negotiation. But you'll feel sad when someone else purchase the same thing with a lower price. Anyway, I think almost everyone bought something there. We then rush to Uluwatu for the Temple on the Rock. It will take 1 and half hours to reach. When we reach there, it was already pitch black. Some of guys are already pissed with the long distance drive. We did not enter the temple. We then head for our last destination, Jimbaran Beach for seafood dinner. All 20 of us, sits on the beach sand, listening to the waves while waiting for our food to be serve. The seafood dinner was quite good. We were given crab, prawns, fish, clams, cuttlefish, soup and vegetables. This meal will at least cost RM35 - RM45 in Kuala Lumpur per person. As it was our last stop, Kevin bought us all beers to go along with the food. Thank you so much Kevin!

There ends our 1 day tour. The journey from one place to another was too far as we spent most of the time on the bus itself. As for the lunch and dinner, it was very worth it indeed. All in transport, meals, entrance tickets etc etc for 12 hours... 1 pax is only at about RM70. A good deal!

It was about 9.30pm when we reach our hotel and we decided to head for a dip in the pool. The pool was filled with young westerners which to the guys are very entertaining.. hee hee.. we all chit chatted and drank more beers. As the time almost reaches midnight, I then suggested to go for a walk at the Legian street... hee hee... at 1st I thought no one will follow Tracy and I but then I was wrong. Daniel, Reis, KP, PZ, Butt, Mark, Kevin and Rachel tagged along. We chose a discotheque without air conditioning. Very stuffy inside but still a lot of patrons. Saw some local chicks dancing on the stage while we down our beers again... hee hee... We ended the night at about 2am++.

There goes another day! Tune in for more exciting happenings the last few days. SEXTIFACTION GUARANTEED! .. hee hee....See ya!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bali Trip (28th Feb - 3rd Mar 2009)

1st Day - 28th February 2009

Just came back from a trip with the same usual gang and some new friends! Total of 20 people! Biggest gang of people I have gone for a trip! They were:-

Gary & Tracy
Kian Ping & Pei Zhi
Vteck & Stella
Kevin & Rachel
Butt & Avis
Mark & Yean
Daniel & Reis
Eric & Reiko
Ah Fai & Peggy
Esther & Esther's Mom

Anyway, we went to Bali Island. Reached the island at about 12.30pm and straight we went to check into our hotel. While we're checking in at the reception, Kevin has the urge for some beers. So we both went to search for it. It was our 1st beer and drank non stop the rest of the day. Anyway, the hotel was okie with lots of westerners ladies which we all enjoy watching but the toilet of our rooms is lousy with dirty waters. After that we met up with Eric, Reiko, Esther and her mum which arrives a day earlier and we went for lunch. Lunch was at the beach side, an economical lunch. Then straight we head for the roads... shopping... ice cream...

This is my 2nd time to the island. While we were walking down the streets, Tracy and I do recall the memories during our 1st trip. We walk by some nice stone carvings and we stop for photo shooting! Look at the pictures below. They really think they are super models.. no need to look at the camera one.. haiya... Anyway, continued walking around the area. All the while the guys was holding a can of beer in their hands.... Hee hee

At about 4.30pm, we head back to the hotel to meet up with the 2nd batch of friends, Vteck, Stella, Kian Ping and Pei Zhi. As they were hungry, a few of us went for a bite with them while others stayed in the hotel. Tracy and I had a foot massage that night. It costs only about RM 15.00 for an hour. Cheap right? Later in the night we went clubbing till early morning.

That's basically how our 1st day in Bali ended.... please come by to check out the 2nd day... coming real soon...