Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Montea Shooting Contest

Hi there guys... our company is holding a shooting contest. Please feel free to participate. Good Luck!

Monday, November 23, 2009

8th Day of Me and My Kids

Finally it is the 8th day, Tracy and my parents will be back tonight after their 1 week business trip to China. Oscar, Oswald and I miss Tracy a lot. She has never been away from us for so long. During this 1 week, I have gotten even much closer with my 2 kids. Although they are naugthy at all times but somehow it was a pleasure seeing them screaming and running around. They are growing pretty fast as Oswald now can speak a few simple words. As for Oscar, he just graduated from his 2nd kindergarden year. His report card was actually quite good. No matter how fast they are growing, they will always be my small lovely monsters.. love them always... hee hee

Can't wait to see Tracy tonight!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

4th Day of Me and my Kids

Well well... it is now Thursday morning and I have been taking care of my kids for 3 days already. Believe me, it ain't an easy task. Now I'm feeling a bit tired and sometimes stressed out. As you know, both my kids is not the regular kids. They are the SUPER DUPER HYPER ACTIVE type. They made me shout and run around the house every night! Dinner is really a tiring job as Oswald won't eat quickly. He will smile at you then run away and I will be chasing after him with a bowl and spoon in my hand. Oscar is better as he could feed himself now.

Getting them to fall a sleep is just time consuming. Both of them will then ask "Where is Mommy? Where is Grandpa? Where is GrandMa?" ... I repeated the same answer 3 to 4 times every night! Will need at least an hour for them to doze off. By then it is already almost 11pm. I then need to get ready the school uniform, school bag, wash clothes, wash milk bottle and dishes etc etc etc... sigh... oh ya, I only got the time to take my dinner at 11pm yesterday night....

Not much sleep lately. 3 nights down and 4 more nights to go before my savour comes back!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just me and my two kids

Tracy will be flying to China for 1 week in a few hours time. The worst thing is that both my parents are going along too. Yup, for business again. Now I will have to care of my my kids Oscar and Oswald for 1 whole week. Could not sleep so decided to update my blog after sometime.

My parents and Tracy will be going to Xiamen, China to look at some tea process. Actually it is me that would go along with her but I suggested that maybe my parents should go. They have not been out overseas for quite sometime and they agree. But I had to take care both my kids. For a whole week! Now thinking of it already scare me. Ha Ha.

A brief of what I needed to do everyday:-

1. Wake up at 6.30am and wake up both my kids. Make milk for them as breakfast.
2. Send Oscar to school and then Oswald to nanny's place.
3. Need to rush to my office before 9am.
4. Then as usual busy with my work.
5. After work at 5.30pm need to pick up Oswald and Oscar.
6. Need to buy dinner and feed both my kids.
7. At 9.30pm, make milk and time for the kids to sleep.
8. After they slept, need to get ready Oscar school bag for the next day.
9. Wash clothes.
10. .......... My free time!!!.. but dunno what time will that be already...:(

Hopefully I could handle the week without much problem. Wish me luck guys!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nanning, China Expo (18th - 22nd October 2009)

After my trip back from Hanoi, Tracy and I flew to Nanning, China the next day to attend a exhibition there. We wanted to source for some products to expand our business. Anyway, we made some new friends there. Overall a good trip.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Business Trip to Hanoi, Vietnam (14th - 17th October 2009)

We were invited by the Tea Association of Vietnam to attend a Tea Conference held there. Since they throw in the accomodation and field trip, we went to meet up with some suppliers of ours.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bangkok (4th - 8th October 2009)

Yes... Bangkok it is again...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tracy's Birthday Party @ Rockmount (18th September 2009)

Well.. two days after my birthday comes Tracy's birthday. A bunch of her secondary friends wanted to celebrate with her and off we went to a bar called Rockmount. Quite a number of friends turn out that night and we just realize that one of them has the same birth date with Tracy. What a coincidence!

There was a singer singing some oldies and retro songs. It was okie. Through out the whole night we just had beers and I think we all had at least consumed 16 jugs! All was getting a little tipsy and chaos happenned.. ha ha... Well, would like to thank all for celebrating Tracy's birthday. It was sure a night to be remembered.

Tracy was DRUNK!!! She really had a wonderful night!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Birthday - 16th September 2009

Well well... times flies by quickly and it's my birthday again... getting older and older. Tracy and I went for a seafood dinner in Hau Kee Restaurant, Cheras. We ordered some crabs and we could not finish it. Then after the dinner, we head to SkyBar, Hotel Traders for a drink. 1st time there and got a great seat along the glass panel. Had a great view of the Petronas tower. Although it was a Wednesday night, but the place is still packed with patrons. Quite a lot of "leng lui" too... hee hee..... Overall the environment is good and so are the prices for the drinks! ... Worth a visit!

Wanna thank Tracy for the lovely night! Love you!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Merdeka Eve Drink Out!

2 friends was in KL for a short trip. 1 from Malacca and the other from Penang. So we decided to have drink on this Merdeka eve night. There were six of us that night... Peggy, Slyvia, Liz, Butt, Tracy and myself.

p/s: I "slept" with all 4 ladies.... hee hee

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GuangZhou, China.

After 3 nights stay in Hong Kong, it is time for us to depart to GuangZhou, China to meet up with some suppliers. It is my 2nd time there and frankly speaking, I like it there more than Hong Kong. Everything is so much cheaper there. Food is great too. Was there for another 2 nights stay to source for goods. Overall, not a bad business trip as we got what we wanted.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hong Kong - Leisure Part

Ok… now for the fun part. 1st time being in Hong Kong so do not know what to expect. On arrival, I find the island was actually quite clean and the people are very well mannered and friendly. No matter where I go, the sales person will greet you… “Welcome, take your time to look around” , “ Thank you, have a nice day”. I was rather not use to it as in Malaysia, they will not even bother to look at you. I was standing by the bus stand and admire people lining up to get on to the bus. If in Malaysia, I think you guys should know best. Hong Kong is a city of lights in the night. Skyscrapers showing off their lighting effects as if it is in a performance.

The MRT is really very very convenient. You could almost go anywhere. We did try the ferry too. Quite a view of all the high rise building. Food was okie and the beers was not that expensive. Ask around and was told that now drinks that is lower than 30% of alcohol is tax exempt free. How I wish it was the same back in my country.

Went to quite some places shopping and drinking. Went to Temple Street, Ladies Street, Sports Shoe Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Causeway Bay etc etc etc.. best is still Lan Kwai Fong where all the pubs are situated. Damn lots of people especially westerners. Not a bad place indeed. Minus point is that you are not allowed to smoke indoors. Oh and I saw a Hong Kong celebrity there too… Sit Kah Yin… or better knows as Hou Yi… not sure if u guys knows who… hee hee… enjoy the pictures…Guangzhou, China in next post... stay tune again…

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hong Kong Business Trip (12th - 15th August 2009)

Finally I’m back in KL after my trip to Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China. It was sure an eye opening and tiring trip. This time I went with my wife Tracy and some members of the Tea Association of Malaysia. We touched down late about 10pm in Hong Kong airport. Due to the swine flu H1N1, most of us wore a mask to protect ourselves. But then, we totally forgot about it… hahaha... Anyway, we were sent to our hotel and after checking in, 3 of us went for supper. Uncle Tan was a good friend of my father so most of the time, 3 of us were together. The 1st meal in Hong Kong was not bad but kinda expensive. We had porridge with some pork. The white porridge costs us RM3 per bowl and the pork (see image) is already RM40. We then ordered 2 bottle of beer at RM11 per bottle. We head straight to our hotel after that. Oh ya, the hotel provide adults channel for guest at RM50 per movie… ha ha… very expensive but never thought they had these services. But I did watch the preview… That ends our 1st day… lol

Woke up early the next day at 7.30 am to have breakfast but it was raining heavily. So I had to go 7-11 which is next to our hotel to buy bread only. Oh… breakfast wasn’t included in our stay… I just realized that when I arrived. At 9am, we board a shuttle bus to exhibition center. The exhibition was great and a lot of networking been done. Tracy and I head our own way to look for our own stuff. Met lots and lots of suppliers. It was business, lunch, business and dinner. Don’t wanna bore you guys. Enjoy the pictures.

More on leisure on my next posts… stay tune…

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Japanese English

I dare not say that my English is good but I think I have a better English understanding than them. Some are really hard to make up what they meant.....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Bro!


How can we forget it... hee hee... remember to pay us back the dinner wor. Oh ya, the cake was baked by Tracy herself!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day @ my grandpa's house (22nd June 2009)

Another family members gathering. Each year we will celebrate Father's Day at my grandpa's house. All family members will turn out on this day until there isn't enough seats. From the living hall to the kitchen, then to the garden was all occupied. I have calculated the total attendees was about 50 ++ pax. I think if all turn up, I think the Liew's family could easily hit the 70 - 80 members mark. A great night for us to catch up on what's going on lately.

To all fathers... HAPPY FATHER"S DAY !!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Day Trip - Hot Spings Park Sungai Klah (6th June 2009)

6th June 2009, it was Agung's birthday so it's a public holiday for all of us. We decided to head down to Sungkai to dip ourselves into the hot springs. The journey took us about an hour ++ to reach. It was really packed with people. They have a mountain spring pool, hot spring pool, egg boiling, therapy pool etc etc. The hot spring pool are actually very hot indeed 40 - 50 celcius. I barely could stand the heat. The kids had lots of fun there. Overall, it is a huge park and environment was not bad just that there were too many people around.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Home Made

Recently my wife Tracy loves to baked!!! I do not know why suddenly she had the urge for baking cakes.. below are some images of the cakes she had done... it really tasted not bad.. maybe I should start opening my own bakery shop... so guys, place your orders now... hee hee

Cakes she baked till to date if I could remembered it correctly:-

Pumpkin Cakes - 4 cakes
Butter Cheese Cake - 1 cake
Chocolate Cake - 2 cakes
Raisin Muffins - 12 pieces
Lagsana - 1 tray

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ah Pao Birthday 2009

Ah Pao's Birthday.... we had a pot luck gathering at my house.. Almost all friends turns up and so did the kids... Oscar, Oswald, Junre, Jareth and Audrey. It more like a party for the kids than Ah Pao's birthday... hahaha... Tracy baked a cake for the occasion and it seems the guys loved it. As usual, we had alcohol to go along with the food... red wine, whisky and beers... hee hee...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Langkawi Family Trip (29th April - 1st May 2009)

It has been sometime that my family had gone for a trip together. This time we went to Langkawi Island. It was Oscar and Oswald 1st time taking a flight and they are so excited about it. It was overall a good trip indeed. I think I should organise more such trips....

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fish Farm Thai Restaurant @ Hulu Langat

I heard about this restaurant from my mom actually. She told me the food was good with a nice fish pond and vege farm environment. Ask her where was it and she told me inside a jungle... i was duh.... got the address from her and off we went searching for it with Tracy and Butt. Went up and down the hill and saw a small sign board which says "Fish Vege Farm". We turn in and got ourselves into a bumpy rough country road. It was very bumpy indeed and we could only see trees around us. We thought that we might got the wrong place but then we saw a glimpse of a pond. We headed straight and came to the restaurant sitting above a pond. On its side was the vegetables farm. The decoration aren't great but the environment is superb. We're sitting in a restaurant surrounded by forest with a pond and farm.

It was lunch time and it was quite packed with patrons. I wonder how they got to know such a place. There were monkeys running on the roofs and we're scared if they are hostile... hee hee.. We sat down and came a Thai lady to take down our orders. She recommended some of their specialties and we decided to try it. The food was actually good, espeacially the fish. Below are what we ordered. Sat there chit chat, drank our beer and enjoyed the food. Definitely be back again.

Km 4, Jalan Ampang Hulu Langat, 68000
Ampang, Selangor.
Tel:017-2515235 / 0192606493