Monday, March 31, 2008

Hard days

Well, my wife is out of the hospital already and now resting at home. Doctor mention everything is fine but Tracy still feels the pain after the surgery. Anyway, lets hope she gets well soon.
But things doesn't just stop there. Now my 2nd child is having a slight fever. Taking care of 2 kids is hard but now a sick kid is even more tiring. Oswald doesn't sleep much, not drinking much milk and often crying. Tracy is too weak to carry the child. Now I have to take care of 1 sick adult, 1 sick child and 1 very naughty child!!... what a day.. what a day.. but thank god I have help from my mom. Phew.. at least that's a breather! hee hee...
So you guys out there who is going or thinking of conceiving a baby, be prepared! That is my only advice. Scary leh. Now I can really feel the tireness and pressure Tracy has been going through looking after the kids. She is really the Superwoman! But I now also turning into Superman! haha

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today, my wife have to undergo a Gallstones removal operation. These stones were located in her Gut and it causes her major discomfort and pain. She mention to me the pain is like having a terrible gastric problem. She have been vomiting and has pain in her stomach. Have seen the doctor a couple of days ago and the best way is to remove the entire gut out of her body. Without further a delay, we made a date for the surgery which is today.

Checked into the hospital in the morning and operation were scheduled in the afternoon. While we're waiting for time to come, Tracy starts to feel scare. Then she says things like take care of the children, bla bla bla... like damn serious like that. Told her not to worry about it as it is actually a very common operation. Time draws near, gave her a kiss and in she goes into the Operating Theater (OT). Now it is my turn to be a bit nervous. Doctor mention to me the operation will take about 45 minutes but then I have waited for 2 hours plus and still she is not out yet. Getting very nervous at that time. As i wanted to approach the counter to enquire, she was wheeled out. She is still under the anaestatic, so a bit blur lar her. Enquire the nurse why it took so long and she mention after the surgery, patient will still have to remain in the OT for observation for an hour. Phew, gave me a scare. My wife then with a very weak voice told me "Very Painful Leh, who says not painful leh!"... I smiled and told her everything is fine now.

Then saw the gallstones. There was about 7 of it. It was placed in a container and damn one of it was a big one. As big as a macadamia nut! Doctor came in later and told me that it went well and ask me not to worry. Accompanied her till late evening, then went home to check on my kids. My kid did not even notice that their mother is not around also... haha.. After a quick dinner, I went back to the hospital. Now she could speak with a stronger voice. Ask her if she feels pain but she says not at that time. Chatted with her for a couple of hours and off I went back.

Now, the real tasks begins. I have to take care both of my kids which I don't think I have ever done so. Haha. Thank you to those who send regards and best wishes to Tracy. Now please send me!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Flash Back

Well well... kinda not in the mood of working, so decided to post something up. Was going through my laptop and found some images. Since we're going for a trip to the cameron highland soon, decided to refresh some of memories we have there. There is actually quite a lot but I select just a few to post.