Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quiting Smoking

Well well.. as of todate, it is already my 4th day without lighting up a stick of cigarette. Geng leh!! Well, it do have its so called "side effects" such as no motivation and kinda stress out. Does not feel right when you are free without a cigarette in your hand. What do you expect, I've been smoking for the past 10 years now. Now, everyday I go back... Tracy will ask the routine question "Have you been smoking today?" I replied "No" and she'll says "Good for you"....

Anyway, since its my 4th day, I came to realize that I don't have the urge like dying as what smokers quiting use to say. To me I think I smoke because I'm used to it. Its like a routine. How strange... But one thing for sure is that my appetite is better. Not that I eat much but more frequently. No wonder ppl says you'll get fat once you quit smoking.

Will I smoke again? Well... not at the meantime as I would like to see how far could I go. Social smoking is hard to say but will do my best. You guys out there don't influence me ok !!!

Now... do I get a present out of this guys?... hee hee... would sure like it in CASH !!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Jimmy Choo

It was my great honour to meet up with Dato Prof. Jimmy Choo and learn from his success stories. For those who do not know him, he is the founder of the international shoe brand "Jimmy Choo" and he is a Malaysian. Just to mention a few of his clients are the late Princess Diana, Madonna, Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, Kylie Minogue, Elizabeth Hurley etc etc. How I wish my brand could be as famous as his.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


errrr.... nothing much...hee hee... I'm posting this just because Ban Twan ask me to post more wor... ask me to break his blog record??!??!...strange man he is... what to write wor... hahaha ... maybe i just post my great posture picture here along with him... hee hee

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Merdeka Eve Dinner

It was the Merdeka Eve and since it is a holiday the next day, we decided to have a celebration dinner of our own. Yen Sin with his sweet wife Ping Ping and myself with my lovely wife Tracy. We went to Bon Ton Restaurant at Jalan Conlay. This restaurant serves nyonya cuisines. We went early cause we do not want to be stuck in a jam but to our surpirse, the traffic was smooth. I have earlier on made a reservation just to be on the safe side but came to know that the restaurant wasn't packed. The whole building is like a wooden barn and the interior is very nice. We were seated and then given the menu. The lists was not long, with just some starters, soups and main dish. There were also set dinner too. We ordered a jug of beer, 3 set dinners and 1 main dish. After our meal, we move over to the sofa area near the bar to continue our night. Later on, Kevin and Rachel gave me a call and I invited them to come over for drinks. At about 10.30pm, they arrived and we ordered more beers. The dinner was nice and we had a wonderful time together. At about 11.30pm, received another call. This time Butt called and we decided to head over to my house for 2nd round. Paid the bill of a total amount of RM370.00. At my house, we had red wine and some chips to go with. The party then ended at almost 3am.

Bar Area

Set Dinner

Dining Area

Kevin And Rachel