Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tracy's Birthday Party @ Rockmount (18th September 2009)

Well.. two days after my birthday comes Tracy's birthday. A bunch of her secondary friends wanted to celebrate with her and off we went to a bar called Rockmount. Quite a number of friends turn out that night and we just realize that one of them has the same birth date with Tracy. What a coincidence!

There was a singer singing some oldies and retro songs. It was okie. Through out the whole night we just had beers and I think we all had at least consumed 16 jugs! All was getting a little tipsy and chaos happenned.. ha ha... Well, would like to thank all for celebrating Tracy's birthday. It was sure a night to be remembered.

Tracy was DRUNK!!! She really had a wonderful night!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Birthday - 16th September 2009

Well well... times flies by quickly and it's my birthday again... getting older and older. Tracy and I went for a seafood dinner in Hau Kee Restaurant, Cheras. We ordered some crabs and we could not finish it. Then after the dinner, we head to SkyBar, Hotel Traders for a drink. 1st time there and got a great seat along the glass panel. Had a great view of the Petronas tower. Although it was a Wednesday night, but the place is still packed with patrons. Quite a lot of "leng lui" too... hee hee..... Overall the environment is good and so are the prices for the drinks! ... Worth a visit!

Wanna thank Tracy for the lovely night! Love you!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Merdeka Eve Drink Out!

2 friends was in KL for a short trip. 1 from Malacca and the other from Penang. So we decided to have drink on this Merdeka eve night. There were six of us that night... Peggy, Slyvia, Liz, Butt, Tracy and myself.

p/s: I "slept" with all 4 ladies.... hee hee