Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lucky Numbers?

It is on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year and as usual my mom will pay respect to the GODS. After the incense were burnt off, I notice some numbers on them. What I think I saw was the number 9 5 1. Tracy says it's 9 3 1. Since we could not see the 4th number, we did not bet on them. The next day, I went to check on the results and there were a lot of these 3 numbers. The closes number should be 9 5 1 5 with a special prize category. Well, if I could really sees the fourth number, sure I bet on it!.... GONG XI FA CHAI !!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oscar's Birthday Again!

Last weekend celebrated Oscar's Birthday at my in laws house and this week, its my family turn to celebrate this naughty fella B'day. Oscar was happy of course cause he could celebrate twice. I bet he would love to have the celebration everyday.. hahaha.. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oscar's Birthday!

Celebrated Oscar's birthday at my in laws house last weekend. Times flies really quick and now Oscar is 4 years old. As they are growing, we are getting older..... :)

Anyway, Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Wanted to wish everyone a happy and properous new year. Hope that the year 2009 will bring peace and harmony towards worldwide. As said like Obama, it's time to "CHANGE"......


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kiku Zakura & Alexis Bistro @ GE Mall Ampang

Yup, we met up again on Friday night for dinner and drinks. But this time it wasn't me who organize the outing. It was Ah Pao. He had ask quite a number of friends to go but in the end turn out only 4 of us but still we enjoyed the night. Actually should be 5 of us but as usual Pang Yew the Fei Kei Yau ffk again. Butt, Tracy and I went to Great Eastern Mall early for some shopping and dinner. We decide to try out the newly renovated Japanese cuisine Kiku Zakura. Remembered the last time there, the food was good. This time though the price has increased maybe due to their renovation. But sadly, the food was not up to our expectation. The sukiyaki broth was too sweet and my chicken teriyaki was deeply fried. Might not return unless their standard rises back to what it use to be.

Then at about 9.40pm, Ah Pao arrived and off we went to Alexis Bistro located on the ground floor. I have always wanted to go there for a long time but did get to do so. Now I was excited. As we're walking into the premises, we bonk into my cousin. He is there too with his girlfriend. What a coincidence. Anyway, we were lucky to grab a good table with a view of the stage. Yes, every Friday and Saturday night, they have live Jazz performance. Heard from reviews, it is always fully packed with Jazz fans and it was. At about 10pm, all tables were taken up. Ah Pao who had not taken his dinner ordered the Fish & Chips and was pleased with it. We also order a bottle of white wine. We normally will not order white wine as we don't like it but somehow we want to try again and again it failed to sastisfy us. Should had order the red wine instead. Tracy ordered a Nutty Chocolate cake and it was very very nice indeed. Sharp at 10.30pm, the band starts to perform. The band was called Gruv Avenue. Some of the songs they played was good and some were just so so but the crowd seems to be happy. After gulping down the white, we happily ordered a red. Ah... so much better. Then the waiter came over with another bottle of red wine. He told us that my cousin had paid for the bottle and wanted us to enjoy it. Aiyah... should have waited for another 10 minutes then we will save money for the red wine we ordered... Hahaha.... We had great chats that night and the party ended at about 12.30am with a bottle of red wine in my hand!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kevin Birthday @ Xenri Japanese Cuisine (11th January 2009)

So here's the 1st Birthday we celebrated in the year 2009! It's Kevins birthday and we chose to eat Japanese Buffet Luncheon in Xenri located at Old Klang Road. Those who were there was Kvin, Rachel, Audrey, Alvin, Pao, Butt, Alicia, Yandsen, Eva, Oscar, Tracy and myself. We got ourselves a room for more privacy and comfort. The luncheon was good although there weren't much choice in term of food but still it was a tummy filling. Priced at RM46++ per head is actually quite a good deal. As usual, Pao along with Yandsen just chump away whatever they could grab off.. hahaha.. kinda scary when we look at those 2 guys.. Audrey was so cute that day compared to my Oscar who was naughty and playful... Everyone just wanted to hug and cuddle the cute, chubby, sweet, innocent etc etc little Audrey...

After the luncheon, some of the gang head to my house for Mahjong session.. And as usual, I lost in the game....:(

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our 6th Anniversary (8th January 2009)

It has been six years since Tracy agreed to marry me. January 8th is our anniversary day and we both had a wonderful day. It was a normal working routine for us that day and at 5pm we were both home getting ready for the night out. Tracy is actually kinda tired after taking care of Oswald who was hospitalized the day before but she really wanted to spend time with me on this special occasion. Me too actually as I had plan ahead a few days ago.We depart from home to Pavillion. Once there, we were hungry indeed. I actually plan to have a Japanese charcoal steak for dinner but Tracy wanted to have Chinese food. So we went to LiJin Seafood restaurant located on the 6th floor. Guess what we ordered?

1. Shark’s Fin soup with Crab Meat
2. Hong Kong Style Suckling Pig
3. Braised Whole Abalone
4. River Prawn Noodle
5. Vegetable with Almond
6. Tiger Beer

The dinner was a delicious one especially the whole Abalone. It was our 1st time taking a whole abalone. The shark’s fin soup also very good. We chatted and she says is this what I can do only for the special occasion. I was like huh? She says I could plan so many surprises for my friends but when it comes to her nothing much wor. I told her ya, I only plan for dinner, shopping and movie only. I think she was expecting me to give her a surprise. Anyway, the bill came and the total amount is near to RM300. Although pricey but it is worth it. After the dinner, we head straight for shopping. It was a weekday so the complex wasn’t that pack with people. Tracy bought me a box of underwear’s which has colorful patterns on it. I was like……….. Then I bought her a Chinese style blouse which I think fits her very nicely. I actually planned to go for a movie but Tracy says she might fall asleep so we continued shopping. We walked for almost 2 hours and Tracy felt tired and wanted to have a drink and later on back to our home. Now here’s where the real surprise is.

I told her that I’ll bring her to a nice place for a drink. We drove out of Pavillion and went to Picollo Hotel. She asks why here? I told her that there is one very nice place on the 9th floor that I longed to go. We went into the lift and once we got out, Tracy was blushed and surprised. It was actually the hotel room floor. She says me very bad for cheating on her. I took her to room 916. Once entered, she was shocked that I had booked a Suite. She then noticed a bottle of red wine on the table and a present. She then says she had nothing to change into but I told her I had already prepare everything such as clothes, shampoo, etc etc earlier on and they are in the closet. She then says mom will kill us for not going home. I told her not to worry about it because I had earlier informed my mom about it and ask her to keep it a secret. I told Tracy, is this Surprise good enough for you? She hugged me and says Thank You.

We had some red wine and chatted. The rest of the night I will not go into detail lar. Hee hee. The next day, we had San Francisco Coffee for breakfast and off we went back to work. A great night with my love one and wanted to say to her “I LOVE YOU”.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Oswald Hospitalized !!!

Yup... Oswald Liew was hospitalized. It was early morning when Oswald started to vomit and having diarrheas. Tracy then brought him to see a doctor and was told that Oswald got food poisoning. And the worst part is that he had to be hospitalize so that he could recover faster. So, he was admitted and had to put on drips..... that's the scary part.. such a young baby had to put on drips... it was really heartbrokening when I saw him... but still he seems happy and still playing around... unbelievable!..... Anyway, Tracy had to sleep in the night with him.

The next day, doctor came and mention that he could be discharge... that's great! The bill came up to RM1k ++ but majority of it was covered by the insurance. We really need to take good care of the kids espeacially on the hygiene part... Let's hope Oswald get well soon.

Tommy & Louis Wedding @ Palace of the Golden Horses (4th January 2009)

This is the 1st wedding dinner that Tracy and I attended in the new year 2009. Tommy was a college friend of ours. The dinner was held in the Palace of the Golden Horses hotel and the theme for the night was "Shanghai Night". We were all required to wear clothes from the 50's - 60's. The couple has spend quite a sum of money into their night. The stage decoration was great. There are dances and singers to entertain the guest. They even had a short movie clip of themselves. During the wedding, we met with a lot of other collegemates too. It's been almost 10 years. The red wine was good and we really enjoyed the night. I was pretty drunk that night. Tracy and I would like wish Tommy and Louis to live a happy married life.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Xenri D'Garden Terrace

It was a typical weekday, Tracy, Butt and myself decided to have Japanese Food for lunch just to greet the year 2009. Tracy then thought of this Xenri D'Garden Terrance restaurant located in Menara Hap Seng. This restaurant is another new outlet. The 1st one is located in Old Klang Road. This restaurant has a small garden but with a stunning KL city view. The prices isn't as expensive as we thought it would be. Each set lunch costs approximately RM25 - RM35. The food is actually good. Good food & good environment. Will sure be back in the night to check out the scenery!

Xenri D'Garden Terrace
Lot 2.04, Second Floor, The Podium
Menara Hap Seng
Jalan P Ramlee
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2078 6688

Friday, January 2, 2009

Oswald 1 Year Old Birthday Party (28th December 2008)

Sorry for the delayed posting of this wonderful party. It is a great party indeed. Tracy and I held a Birthday party for Oswald at Hee Lai Ton Restaurant, Shaw Parade. It was a luncheon then. We arrive there early to do some decorations to the room with balloons, banners etc etc. As time strike 12pm, family and friends starts to arrive one after another. It was a good turn out as a lot of my friends were there to celebrate this memorable occasion. All of my friends gave gifts and ang paos. Very grateful to them espeacially Vteck & Stella who could not attend had ask Pao to pass their angpaos to me. Thanks man!! Need to thank Yean too for coming as we only met for the 1st time in JB. Not forgeting Tracy's friend... S.Wei, S.Fun, Alicia, Cheryl, Alex, Simone and Keagan.... hope you guys enjoyed the party. Also to the camera man or camera men, whoever you are. Great pictures! Last but not least, thanks to all Tracy and my family members.

The food was good and of course so was the alcohols! We had whisky, red wine and beer. The adults were all Yum Seng here and there. As for the kids, it was a pack of them too. All together 9 kids, running, jumping, screaming......... very noisy scene but yet a cheerful one. A lot pictures taken that day but I could only post up a few..... Ohya, after the luncheon, a few of us went for 2nd round in Neway Karaoke and we Yum Seng again!!!

I would like to thank all that had attended Oswald Birthday party and wishes you all the Best of Year 2009!!!