Monday, December 24, 2007


Hi there guys,

Nothing much. Just wanted to greet everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS & A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

A new member

New year is just around the corner and that means a new family member will be joining the Liew’s. Yes, my latest creation and yes it is a baby boy too. Phew… no need to spend much on his clothing… This year and the next seems to be a good year cause it seems that a lot of people I know is pregnant. Tracy sister just gave born in November, so is my cousin, then another of my cousin in December. Then it comes to Tracy in January and then my friend in March and latest I knew of another friend in June. Isn’t that amazing?

Well anyway… as it is getting closer each day, the more troubled I am. Financially of coz… we’re talking about long time investment here… not born yet already used up a lot of $$$, then trust me, it’ll never stop… $ for this, $ for that!... but i think that’s the way of life.. then it comes to more responsibility.. imagine you have to feed, bath and even wipe the baby’s poo poo… an ugly scene but yet quite an experience… hee hee

Giving born to my 1st child already got us running around and I can’t imagine what the 2nd one will turn us into… full time slaves of them I presume… anyway, for those who are planning on conceiving a child, that’s great but be prepare… $$$$

Oh yes… I still had not figure out a name for my newborn yet… any suggestions?