Saturday, June 28, 2008

Three Kings

As often said by my wife, we are the THREE KINGS! Always make her angry and always have to take care of us. Hee hee... Do we look that naughty? No right.....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Phuket 7th June - 9th June 08

It was a sudden decision to go to Phuket, Thailand for 3 days 2 night stay. A friend of mine who needed a vacation asks me to join him and since it falls on the Agong birthday, my wife and I decided to unwind ourselves too. This is my 2nd time there and there aren’t many changes. My wife loves the massages there as she took 4 sessions while I only took two.

The thing that I love most is definitely the beers. Ha-ha. Cheap mah. Night life is the same with shops having A-go-go dancers showing off their skills. There's a lot of lady boys too. Some had really good figure. Food was ok also. Ohya, we went for shooting too. Real gun with real bullets. 10 shots for 690 Baht. It was fun but I did not shoot very well as I drank a lot of beer before it. hee hee... Overall, a good trip. My wife said that she will be back!