Monday, April 9, 2012

The day is near

She is now 7 months pregnant. Yes, my third child is on the way. Am I excited? I would say yes cause I yet to know if it's a boy or a girl. With already two naughty boys making my life stressful enough, I sure hope my third child's a baby girl. Not saying I do not like boys but a girl would sure make my family much more balance. I was thinking for a name that actually suit for a boy or a girl. Not easy. I actually thought of using my mothers last name 'Foon' but afraid it ain't right doing so. Anyway, any recommendations?


vteck said...

isnt it easier to think of one after knowing the gender first? it's definitely not easy to have a name suitable for both

Gary Liew said...

ya.. I know.. maybe I'll just wait till him/she arrives 1st.

vteck said...

or can just use word with the same sound. for girl can be 芬 and boy can be 寬